A bloggable week that went un-blogged. And now, the summary.

I seriously could have blogged everyday this week and … I didn’t. So I will attempt to recap for you because I think we left off at the Green Hills Mall, and thats all but a memory now. Now I have stories about the mattress store for you. That deserves its own post. And it will get one when my house makes a return to quiet.

Our friends Greg & Allyssa came to visit last weekend with their lil boy Matthew. We tried to get a good family pic of them, but had a little trouble. How funny is this? Matthew would sit still if he could watch VeggieTales or whatever was on the ipod. But then, he couldn’t see it close enough so he got down off their laps to watch it. So sorry, G&A. I’ve totally lost the ability to photograph 2 year olds! Time to start photoshoppin’ faces on the ole’ Christmas card! No shame in that…

[On a sidenote … ho-lee cow. Are my hands bigger than my head? For real?]


Brian made the first fire in the fireplace here. Or anywhere. And because of the whole spring snapping episode that shot through the garage wall and into the fireplace surround, I was thinking this was a dangerous idea. So I stood prepared for any fire-extinguishing activity that might be deemed necessary, and a bottle of brandy, which Brian couldn’t figure out. It was not for the fire though, it was for my egg nog. Isn’t he just so cute?


I think he was conflicted though. Football or kissin’ the wife? Football? Wife? Football.


We also went to a Kindergarten PowWow for Avery…so cute! My camera was uncooperative however, so we just have one pic for you, even though I’m sure you wanted to see ten or more, at least. I hope Santa reads my blog.


Since my parents will be in Florida on Thanksgiving, we thought we’d celebrate early with them. Here are Tay & mom…Taylor is having thirds. Yes, thirds. I’m sure she’s growing. And I’m sure I’ll be so excited to share clothes and shoes with my daughter some day. At this rate, it may be sooner than I think. Of course, my mom’s cooking is just THAT good.


The next day was a Thanksgiving Dinner at school which my Mom & Dad were able to enjoy with the kids. I had to laugh at the kids who took the 30 minute lunch period and only ate the pie.


The girls are on Thanksgiving Break now – they get a whole week off! I remember back in the day when backpacks didn’t have rollers and we only got 2 DAYS off for Thanksgiving. Life was tough back then.

Stay tuned, I’m back.

~ by hthr on November 22, 2008.

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