Some gifts can’t be unwrapped.

My mom called a couple weeks back and asked if they could surprise Taylor and come up for her birthday. Of course! I told her. It was very sweet to see them so excited to wait at the bus stop for the kids to come home last Monday. Total surprise. Total great surprise. The girls didn’t have a clue. They couldn’t believe it!



Taylor requested P.F.Changs for her birthday dinner. She was really excited and asked me to help her pick out a nice dress to wear to dinner that night. My heart did this little flutter thing. My big girl is becoming a little lady. She got a little dessert with a candle and Brian asked her what she wished for…she leaned over and whispered to him that she already got her wish because she was with her family & friends.



We went home for cake & hot chocolate and she opened some presents.

We had asked her the week before what she reeeealllly wanted for her birthday.
“Hmmm….I want hundreds…”
Oh great, here it comes. Quantity. I thought.
“… and HUNDREDS …”
Crap. How did we raise a kid who wants hundreds of something already?

“…of hugs & kisses!”
Oh my word. I love this child

Tay’s big present from her daddy is that he is taking her to get her ears pierced. We weren’t able to get it done on her birthday, so this Monday is the big day. She is so excited. I on the other hand, will probably throw up. I have visions of her wincing and piercing the edge of her ear off. Such is my imagination.

I am so grateful for my sweetheart of a girl and for family & friends who love her and helped her know how special she is on her big day.


~ by hthr on November 22, 2008.

One Response to “Some gifts can’t be unwrapped.”

  1. What a great day for an amazingly special girl! 🙂

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