Tour-de-free-food and then some thoughts about it all

I meant to post this Wednesday, but my laptop power cord sent firey shocks flying into the computer. It didn’t phase me much until i realized I had to buy a new one to light up the ole G4 to make her work again. You’ll be glad to know, I did not catch on fire.

I’ve had ridiculous sinus sickness this past week, but some sort of flu bug hit me at 1:30 in the morning Tuesday. It was awful. All night, I was in & out of bed.

As I sat there throwing up and regretting what I’d had for lunch & dinner that day and why I didn’t wash my hands everytime I thought of it in the past 10 days, I wondered if all around town…Tennessee…America, other McCain supporters were being hit with the same flu-like symptoms. I thought maybe this is how Obama will win the election? All these McCain supporters will be stuck at home, unable to vote because they too, were dealing with vomiting & diarrhea?

I never said I didn’t err on the side of crazy in the middle of the night.

I spent most of Tuesday in bed, until about 3:15pm when I got up and showered so I could go vote when the kids got off the bus. It was quick & easy, and I was pleased at their interest in voting and the election. The man who set my ballot for me told me Krispy Kreme was giving free donuts to voters. In front of the girls. At 4:15 in the afternoon… From there commenced the unplanned tour-de-free-food around town.

Immediately after voting we headed to Krispy Kreme. They were not hot, but they were fresh, star shaped, and had red, white & blue sprinkles. The sugary smell in KK alone nearly doubled me over, but I was trying to hang in there since the girls felt like they were being treated to something fun.

Next stop: Starbucks. I had a headache. Got my coffee in a red cup (suh-weet!) and headed on down the road to Shanes Rib Shack who apparently was only giving free chicken fingers to the first 300 voters (of which I was probably like, 304 or some … whatever), but since I was there and had no backup plan, we ate anyway. (That’s what they were hoping for, right?). That about did me in. I sipped Sprite and had to forget about the Ben & Jerry’s stop that was next on our itinerary.

Half an hour later I was parked on the couch in my pj’s with the laptop and remote, where I sat until I woke up to Obama’s speech and some-million people screaming and cheering in Chicago’s Grant Park. It did feel a little surreal, and although I didn’t think I was dreaming, I did question again how many other people actually may have had the flu like me that day.

Wednesday morning I turned on the tv while the girls ate breakfast. Ave, when she learned that Obama had been elected literally wailed and wept in the fetal position all while balanced perfectly in her booster chair. I was shocked at her balance. I grinned a little too when no one was looking. I didn’t expect her to really care. I gave her a hug, told her something motherly and good and important and she sniffled through the rest of her oatmeal breakfast.

By 9am though, on that historic, glorious day-after, I turned off the tv. I think it was Oprah’s commercial for her show that afternoon that did me in.

“I kept my mouth shut and supported Barack Obama as a private citizen…today, though, the election is over—and I’m unleashed!”

Unleashed? Unleashed. Spare me the drama. I haven’t fully recovered from the flu yet. My brain, still sloshing in middle-of-the-night reasoning wondered if a pink slip would be issued to any of her employees who revealed they voted against Obama. I know, I know, it would be illegal and wrong. Did you see her screaming at the top of her lungs for 3 minutes of air-time? That was wrong too. And probably very expensive airtime. I’m really interested to see what happens to Oprah’s taxes. But maybe that’s just me. I bet she’ll have a special “off air” scream for that.

52% of America wants “change” I thought. I kind of get it. I do. I updated my Facebook status and look at what my funny friends had to say. I laughed all morning (while I made change happen all day in my kitchen!):


And no, I did not actually misspell ‘rearrange’ and leave out ‘my’. It just looks like I did and it’s really bugging me right now. OCD bites.

I was talking to my friend at the bus stop that afternoon while we waited on the kids. She openly admitted, nearly immediately on approaching me that she cried like a baby watching tv Tuesday night. It was in talking to her that I realized what it is that specifically frightens me so much about this man taking office. It has to do with a legal breakdown of morals that I think is inevitably coming. Because don’t be naive. It’s coming. And it isn’t that I can’t teach and tell my children what I believe to be right and true. Because I can. And I do. And I will continue. But when those things are signed into or out of law, they will not be dismissed for just that of an “office term”. Once allowable, they will not be undone, because you don’t go back. Not in these days & times.

My grandchildren will live in a time that is different than what we know life as now. My grandchildren, you ask?

Yes, my grandchildren. I had Tay at 22. She will be 7 this month. A shindig for my 30th is approaching for all you math whizzes (or is it whiz’? whizzers? whizzees?) I think whizzers is my favorite… In only 15 years, my oldest child will be the age I was when I had her. She may have a child then. She may not. But the world she lives in, I strongly suspect, will be a completely different world than we know today because of choices made this week.

I love America.

I love that we have the freedom to speak freely. To pray publicly. To homeschool, if we choose to. To vote. Remember, my father & his family came to America seeking freedom and change. I am a first generation American who is proud to live here and to be called such.

But I also have a lot of questions that run deep about this election. Quite honestly, I just am not brave enough to write about them here. Come on over and I’ll put on a pot of coffee. (Our coffee pot is worth more than any single piece of furniture we own, so … either the coffee should be really good or, if you feel the need to sneak something out of our house, the coffee pot is your best bet on resale.)

I don’t know y’all. I just feel called to pray for such a time as this. At the moment though, tonight anyway, it’s mostly over my kids. That we can raise them well. To know that God is their gut and that this world is not their Home. To talk to Him even before us and be able to rest in knowing that He is in control. He allows things to happen – but He is always has, and will always be in control.


~ by hthr on November 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tour-de-free-food and then some thoughts about it all”

  1. I do wonder if Oprah will drop a WTF on national television when Obama’s tax plan is unleashed… I will commit to pray for our leader, whoever it is, and hope that he surrounds himself with the best council possible regardless of race or political party. Because at this point that’s the only way I know to help create change…

    And I think Avery was crying because she hates to lose that much. 😉

  2. I totally am with you (not only on that pot of coffee you so graciously offered, I AM only 3 hours away), but also about what is to come in the very near future. I try to be optimistic, but I can’t help but worry and wonder. I don’t think Obama is going to be this hero president that they voted for.

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