I meant to Thank You…

…I saw my blog turn 21k hits this week. That’s like pulling in the garage and your speedometer is right on … i don’t know … some even number you are fond of. And then your eyebrows pop up in surprise and you stare at it a few seconds longer than you would have otherwise.


I know that’s squiddly stats for some of you. But I’m just lil ole me. The girl who blogs when she can’t sleep or doesn’t want to do the laundry.

I still can’t believe you read this stuff.

But thanks for being interested! Even if most people get here from searching “Let’s go Outback tonight”,  “Martha Stewart”, and “Do you tip at Sonic?”. The jury is still out on all that.

More to come … just don’t think I’m going to tell you what will be hidden under the Christmas Tree. I’ve learned that just because my kids can read books, doesn’t mean they can’t read computer screens.

~ by hthr on November 7, 2008.

One Response to “I meant to Thank You…”

  1. I’m still making pumpkin pies, I can’t put red and green out! 🙂

    Does it count, though, if our apartment color scheme already has red and green? 🙂

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