Pimp my console stereo

Come on over to our house and you will hear music coming from furniture. Meet our 1970-something console stereo. It’s older than me.


What’s that? You’ve never seen one? Okay, well here’s what happens then. You open the top and whaa-laaa…


Record player, 8-track & AM/FM Stereo. That big gaping hole in the back is storage for records.

I want to keep the record player (love that) & radio of course, but … I’d like to be able to play a CD or hook my ipod up to it. And maybe I’m just dreaming but, is there a way to stream music from iTunes through the speakers?

Come on, help a girl out. Bring this thing into 2008.

~ by hthr on November 5, 2008.

14 Responses to “Pimp my console stereo”

  1. I kid you not, we had this EXACT stereo growing up. Exactly. The finger crushing, 80 lb lid, the scratch (and therefore mother’s wrath) attracting smooth top, everything. I really wish my mother still had it, but I’m pretty sure it went in a garage sale, along with the Commodore 64 that served as my first venture into programming (it’s a geek sentimental thing, I’m sure.)

    Altering it in any way would be a travesty, in my book. And I’m not even a music equipment connoisseur.

  2. My grandma & grandpa had one of these. They went to bed every night playing music on it. It put them to sleep.

  3. You guys make me feel bad! I don’t want to destroy it! I want to bring it into “modern times” internally so I can get some of my iTunes playlists coming through the speakers!

    We also had one very similar when I was growing up. When I saw this for 10-dollars on a garage sale I knew it was there for us!

  4. Yeah we’re not talking new paint job and spinner-rims. It’s more like out with the old (8 track player), and in with the new (iTunes somehow). That’s all, there’s nothing better than the sound of Christmas records in December. 🙂

  5. @BDubs, How about Christmas records in NOVEMBER?

  6. Hmmmm, I’m technically challenged, so I can’t help you with the mechanics of it, but I can tell you that my grandmother’s house contains the twin of yours to this very day AND all the Marty Robbins LP’s my grandmother played on it are hanging on a floor to ceiling record rack behind it! 🙂

  7. In the back of the unit are the auxilary jacks. Just unplug the 8-track RCA plugs and plug in whatever other unit (CD, iPod, etc)you want to listen to. It’s that simple.

  8. i have just aquired a console stereo, and i had the same ideas as you to update the components. it is a different model, but i will check the back for the aux jacks.

  9. Surely you have this answered by now, but all you need is Apple’s Airport Express (a wifi unit that streams iTunes audio and also has a USB port for a printer). Get an audio cord with RCA plugs at one end and a mini stereo plug at the other. The RCA end plugs into the back of your console where the aux jacks are located; the mini stereo end plugs into Airport Express and the Airport Express plugs into the wall outlet. Software on your computer will help iTunes find your Airport Express so it can broadcast anything from iTunes. (If you have a Mac, there is a 3rd party app called Airfoil that enables you to broadcast any sound from your Mac wirelessly, not just iTunes.) You can broadcast to more than one Airport Express unit so you can have the same music go to more than one stereo at a time. Go to Apple’s website for more info.

  10. I just purchased an RCA stereo with am/fm console…LOVE IT! It needs a needle, any ideas on where to get one?

  11. I was just given a console stereo with a record player. I am going to update the speakers and the receiver. I love the look but I have to have good sound.

  12. OK, it’s now over 3 years later than the original post. What have you done? Any solutions? I’m in the process of doing this to one and maybe another as I just picked one up for $7 today.

  13. If it’s an FM radio, you should try getting an FM transmitter for your ipod and just play your ipod through the radio on a blanks station.

  14. Get this! You can get what is called an 8-track to cassette converter, then get a cassette to CD converter, then you can at least play your CD’s in your 8-track player! I used to have 2 of them,and wish I still had one, cause I would give it to you! I thought I was So Cool playing my CD’s on my 8-track player….. lol good luck!! maybe radio shack or e-bay! Oh! And for the person looking for a needle, Radio Shack should be able to order one for you. They have a whole book of needles.

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