Halloween. It came and it went.

The Candy
Proof that the economy is in the hole right now: crappy Halloween candy. I looked back at last years post to refresh my memory on what was going on (wow, my kids have grown!) and saw all their loot. It was nothing like this years. We seriously got maybe 1/3 that much (which is totally cool with me because I won’t still be wearing it to the Christmas party) in half the time, which I think makes it like quadruply bad, right? Probably less than half was chocolate I suspect, so feel free to factor that in as well.

Before you go off thinking I’m rude to suggest that non-chocolate givers either stink in general or are not affording it, I should assure you that I think neither. Primarily because we gave out the cheap stuff too. I just have to be honest. The buckets I bought at Sam’s club Friday morning were super cute and full of candy – and only $2.81. So…I put back the $9.88 bags of chocolate candy, because … do the math. Have you seen your grocery bill lately? If you live in my neighborhood, I’m sorry you got gummi fall-shapes. I think they taste pretty great, even considering that they were made in China. I really wanted to give you a full size candy bar, but I also wanted to eat this month. I’m sorry the candy bar thing didn’t work out for you.

Here is Avery handing out candy to her friends. I think this was her favorite part of the night.

The Costumes
Five weeks ago, I was feeling creative and awesome and like I could probably just get with it and become a cool mom by Halloween … and, you know … sew their costumes myself. I was all on board with that until the girls started changing their minds on what they wanted to be. For the past month, I have heard, “Now I wanna be a [insert new character/animal here]” Oh, ok, I was thinking you were gonna be… “Well, I did, but now I wanna be a [insert another new character/animal here]” and on and on it went.

This past Tuesday I had some warm brownies ready for the girls when they got off the bus. I sat them down at the table and decided that since I couldn’t deal with the indecision much longer, I was going to pay them off.

So there we sat with warm chocolate goodness, talking about the day and laughing and out of nowhere I laid it out. My win-win plan. It went something like this:

“So I’ve been thinking about your Halloween costumes…”

“oh! I changed my mind. I want to be a —”

“Stop. Just listen to me. I can’t handle you changin your mind every other day, so here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m giving YOU five dollars. And I’m giving YOU five dollars. (wide eyes ensued. apparently I CAN get, and keep their attention.) And you are gonna go in the playroom and look ALL around the house and see what we have that you can use to make a costume, because we have good stuff around here, we just have to look for it. Now, if you need something for your costume that we don’t have, I will take you to Target tonight and you will buy it with your five dollars so you have everything. Whatever money you don’t spend on your costume, you can KEEP.”

Done. They had costumes decided within 10 minutes.

Avery was a Titans Cheerleader. She refused to hold her pom poms while trick-or-treating, so Brian had them in his back pocket and some woman, who, apparently had been hitting the “Halloween Punch” a little hard already told B he needed to be shaking his behind to make the pom poms sway when he walked. My friend Amy & I just looked at each other hoping we hadn’t just heard that correctly. But based on the looks on each of our faces, we had.

And Taylor was a mummy. We totally TP’d our child. And she had a blast. And the more her costume unraveled, the cooler she looked in the lights. Oh, and the fact that it only actually cost us a roll & a half of toilet paper was especially cool.

People kept commenting, “Ooh! A mummy!” so I finally asked Brian if that was a weird thing. Like, if they were privately making fun of us. “Are you kidding? They’re thinking, Darn! We’re doing THAT next year! Just watch. Our neighborhood will be full of mummies next Halloween!”

I kinda doubt it, but hey, 2 rolls. You can’t beat it. Plus I got to use some on my runny nose when I needed it. Today, daddy took them shopping to buy necklaces they’ve had their eyes on with their extra money.

(This pic was taken at the end of the night, and is also post-piggyback-ride for the mummy child, which broke some of her mummification.)

Further proof that I participated.

You know how I celebrated the end of October? Clanking my glass of egg nog to that of my husbands. Bring on November!


~ by hthr on November 1, 2008.

6 Responses to “Halloween. It came and it went.”

  1. EGG NOG!!!!! Woohoo!

    p.s. GREAT idea with the girls. I think it inspires imagination beyond the ability to go to a store and buy a costume. I will most certainly be filing that that in the cabinet of things to remember for when I am a mommy.

  2. p.p.s. I just looked at the post from last year (which I remember reading… can you believe it?) and I can’t get over how much they’re growing up. And if I can’t, I know it’s got to be as astonishing as you sometimes write about.

  3. Kristine, it absolutely is, and it feels impossible to accurately describe in words! As many times as I think I should stop blogging, looking back at the things I had totally forgotten about makes me reconsider being a quitter. Blogging is good. Bring on more egg nog.

  4. Oh darn, I am so ripping off your idea next year. I’m off to post a whole unloading about how maddening it is when you blow money on costumes your kids ultimately don’t wear! GRRRR!

  5. I LOVE the mummy costume! That’s so awesome! 🙂

  6. Hello

    I am contacting you because I am working with the authors of a book about blogs. I have seen a photograph of yours that I find interesting and would like to request permission to include it in this book. If you think this is something you might be interested in please send me an email at hannah@wefeelfine.org and I will send along more details about the project. Hope to talk to you soon!



    Note: In order to locate your image later it would be much appreciated if you would include a link to this blog in your response. Thanks again!!

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