An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of manure. And sometimes more.

Last week was Fire Prevention week. And we are ALL ABOUT fire prevention here at our house. We are now anyway, since the girls came home and had us create an escape plan and choose a meeting place. The firemen really did a great job driving home all the facts with the kids. I was uber impressed. Actually, I’ve been “all about” fire prevention since 2000 when we had the “hot firemen” annual calendar at our house. It was a gift. A thoughtful one at that. What can I say? Not that I was allowed to hang it up and use it for its printed purpose that year. Or any year afterwards for that matter. I know it’s down in the garage somewhere.

SO because our kids have really got fire on the brain (and it truly scares me), I thought I could pass a fire prevention tip on to you. Because my very own house could have easily gone up in flames last month. I’ll avoid any excess details, however a lit candle on the nightstand was knocked onto the floor and smothered by a pillow which took the brunt of the damage as you can imagine, and you probably shouldn’t imagine much further. There was screaming, yes. It was not the happy kind. Our hearts were racing, I was angry. And also reminded that our renters insurance policy is due for renewal.

Off to Target I went where I found these: battery operated tealights.

Why they come in purple, I have no idea. Probably just to make me happy because I have massive purple candles in the bedroom. Someone somewhere said, A woman in Franklin will want these for her purple candles. Or, maybe they’re just for halloween decor, which would make a lot more sense. I don’t know, but they work fine. $1 for 6 of them. I mean, really. And how’s that for safety?

Now, they make the ones that flicker too, but you’re gonna have to pay more than 15 cents for those. Those are like $2 each. Me? I’d rather have a venti coffee than a flickering candle, but hey, thats just my choice and coffee almost always wins out with me. You’re free to have flickering lights all over your place if you want. All that matters to me is that you, my blog reading friend, are safe.

~ by hthr on October 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of manure. And sometimes more.”

  1. Thanks for this suggestion. We just moved to Maine and live in a log home. I have had a bit of nervousness every time we light a fire in the fireplace. At least these candles would give me one less thing to be worried about! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well darn. I meant to title this “An ounce of pretention…” and totally typo’d it. One of my pet peeves. I can’t believe I did that. I had voices of the girls from Steel Magnolias swirling in my head with a bit too much caffeine I suppose. pretention. prevention. it could happen to anyone overcaffeinated and in a hurry.

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