Zero to Jonas in less than 5 minutes

Every month without fail, I get at least one girls night out – it’s bunko night with my friends! We have been doing it for almost two years already and rotate houses each month. This month was Tanya’s turn to host and because Halloween is her faaaavorite holiday, (and the only time she blogged!) she had us all dress up for it!

I can not remember the last time I dressed up in a costume. Had to have been trick-r-treating in the 80s. Seriously. But Tanya is so creative with all that, and while we were working out a couple weeks ago bursts out with “Jonas Brothers! My sister is coming down, lets be the Jonas Brothers!”

Sweet. I know I can look like a man. I get mistaken for one from time to time anyway (which is why I am really into the color pink lately. And lip gloss. And high heels once again.)

So we hit up the goodwill with pics of the brothers in hand to see what we could find!! My eyeliner worked good for thicker eyebrows & sideburns. Toooo funny!!

We can roll dice and pose…we’ve got skillz. (It was so hard not to burst out laughing! But we didn’t have  pics that showed them smiling! Do they have braces or what? Why don’t they smile?)

These girls are awesome! I look forward to seeing them every month! Check out Kim and Julie‘s blogs for more halloween bunko fun!!

~ by hthr on October 14, 2008.

6 Responses to “Zero to Jonas in less than 5 minutes”

  1. SO flippin’ fun! I think we might have a new tradition between us girls!

  2. love it!

  3. Your pictures are so nice. THanks!

  4. O.M.G. Heather. That is too funny! You guys did a great job!

  5. Oh my goodness…. why don’t we hang out more? We have GOT to have coffee! 🙂

  6. That is awesome. We’re big Jonas brother fans in our house.

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