I’m still here.

I know, you usually hear from me at least once a week if not more. My parents have been (& still are) here visiting us from Florida so I’ve been busy with them and not necessarily in my usual routine (which would be what again? I’m still floundering in that department.) I think my mom was hoping to witness that first hand and make some suggestions. However we’ve been busy. Doing some kind of stuff. Together. Together is what matters.

My mom turned 39 again this year. We were busy making apple pie for her birthday dessert. I took her to Starbucks to experience a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time because I thought she should know what she was missing in life. I’m pretty certain it was love at first sip. Let’s just say we’ve dropped some coin at Starbucks this week.

We took the kids to go pick some pumpkins last weekend … that was a great afternoon!

The girls school had their big annual fundraiser where they run laps around a track to earn money via pledges and have a silent auction and bake sale. It was such a good time … Brian ran with both girls (each grade runs at its own time slot) … each of our girls ran 8 laps which is 2 miles!! They are much more athletic than me, obviously, because I fear the bright lights at the end of the tunnel after the first mile alone. That is how I knew to volunteer to be a ‘lap marker’ for the kids. See? Volunteering is fun. And that way they don’t ask me to run with them.

That night, Brian surprised us with the fruits of his inner shopper and saver when he brought out a Wii for our family! I was very skeptical. I have a dislike of all things “video-gamish” that dates back to when we were first married and John Madden could have been the 3rd member of our household. I won’t start on World of Warcraft. I can see how it was fun while it lasted, but I begged my husband to come back into the World of Williams where we love him more and feed him better.

As I started to say: I was (and am still?) afraid the Wii will takeover at our house, but B assures me, the Wii is for the Weekends only. We’ll see about that. I’ll tell you what though I wish I had read that health disclosure thing (how weird is that I thought? Click past.) Today is the first day I can move my shoulders and back without wincing in pain after my triple Knock Out in Boxing.

I think I love that game. And, like mother like daughter.

Well, Brian is in Atlanta the rest of the week with the Catalyst crew. My parents are hanging with me and the girls until he’s back so we’re not alone and we eat well (uhh…”fruity” desserts for breakfast almost everyday that she’s here? Yeah, wish me luck trying to undo this child-spoilage for the next month! They may never eat oatmeal again!) Oh well, thats what grandparents are for ... and we love them!


~ by hthr on October 8, 2008.

One Response to “I’m still here.”

  1. Okay, I can’t see most of your photos. BUT… have you tried the salted hot choc at Starbucks? I know, I know, I know… you’re thinking “where’s the caffeine?” But seriously, I had a nighttime meeting the other night and needed more than a decaf but less than an espresso… so I went for the recommended said choc above… oh my, think melted hershey’s kiss with salt on it! 🙂 YUMMMMMMMMMM!

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