LIVE from Financial Peace Plaza!!

Last Friday, September 26 we called Dave Ramsey on his radio show (top of the 3rd hour on the mp3) and shouted what we’ve been working towards being able to shout about for three years now! That we are finally completely debt free!

Truthfully, I was a little nervous. All day, questions I’d heard on the radio in times previous were running through my head. What might he ask? How would we thoughtfully answer on the spot? Dave and I had been conversing in my head all day. We had some fabulous miniature discussions. I even got a bit choked up and teary eyed at a few of them. (It’s amazing what a quiet house and time for reflection will do!)

When the time came, Brian & I were standing with the girls in the Lampo Bookstore, ear to ear with Brian’s cell phone between us so we could both hear Dave on the other end. Our hearts were racing. Brian couldn’t believe he was nervous, but he was. We were just so excited. This was the moment our girls would recognize most from listening to the radio the past few years. This was our call.

Dave didn’t ask any questions of us on the air that required too much thought, which was quite alright, given the butterflies in our stomachs (besides, typing is more my thing anyway, if I can just take the time to sit and do it!)

$106k in credit cards & collections, the remaining balance on 2 used vehicles, medical/surgical bills, 13 months mortgage payment and a loan for credit card consolidation from 5 years ago. We say we did it in 3 years time, because we started taking Financial Peace University three years ago and that was when we began paying off debt with a plan, rather than spinning our wheels and surfing balances. That was definitely the start of a new chapter in our lives. And so is this. We are happy to be moving on. Onward & upward!

Here is a video clip of Dave taking our call. I think you’ll have to admit, that’s one passionate debt free scream!


~ by hthr on October 2, 2008.

15 Responses to “LIVE from Financial Peace Plaza!!”

  1. woohoo! that’s awesome 🙂

  2. Amazing! You guys are awesome! Inspiring! Congrats!

    Here’s the deal though, Brian is going to have to pull the video clip like this for our call (coming in 09!) k? That’s a keeper!

  3. YES! All of here in the web marketing area were listening and so happy! Congrats. It’s a huge accomplishment. Now think of what you can do with all that “extra” money! 🙂

  4. That is SO cool!W Way to go!!!

  5. So proud of you guys! I’m really glad we get to hear the clip. Congrats friends!

  6. McKinley and I just listened to this and I got a little misty eyed myself. Congratulations! Way to go!!!!

  7. Super Cool, Heather. I wanted to hear you talking, too, though. So proud of you guys. What an inspiration.

  8. okay, I have chills AND tears in my eyes. Dave Ramsey and the Dog Whisperer man, who could live without them! 🙂

  9. So, let’s play six degrees of seperation, eh? I found you through a google search I did on my dear friend who died of cervical cancer. You are in Nashville, I ,in a suburb of Memphis. I graduated c/o 97 from Bartlett High School. I guy I also graduated with works at the same firm as Dave Ramsey (at least he did a year ago) Your husband somehow works with Dave Ramsey. Small world? Okay, maybe I’m just weird! But congrats anyway!!!

  10. YAY!!! Congrats to the whole fam! You guys worked really, really hard and now you’re reaping the rewards!

  11. Congratulations you guys!! We’re on Baby Step 2. Our goal will be nearly $300,000 in 5 years. We’re on our last year! It’s a long road. It’s cool that you have the video of Dave taking your call. Good luck with the future. You picked a good time to be debt free, huh?? I’ve got a friend in St. Louis who just got certified to teach Dave’s class to businesses.

  12. good information thank you

  13. Wow! That’s incredible! After 9 months of reaching your goal how are things going? What an inspirational story you have to share!! Is there a blog site for us “ongoing” Financial Peace ” people who are still struggling and need support?

  14. Good job.. woo hoo

  15. We’re right behind you. Listen for our call soon.

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