A shot in the (not)dark

This morning was a lovely morning on my culdesac. Peaceful and quiet. Everyone minding their own business. I was sitting at my makeshift desk-ish table in the living room; cup of coffee in one hand, navigating the internet with the other when “it” happened. I did not know what it was, but I was convinced that A) a car wreck had just occurred on my street, B) a gun had been fired or C) Someone had driven their car into my house (the neighbor girl is learning to drive, and so far…not so good. beware.)

It scared me badly, I jumped in my seat. Coffee went flying 6 inches high out of my cup and all over my arm. I ran outside so I could be the first on the scene. But no one was around. Anywhere. I was looking left and right and left and right. My heart was racing so fast I was shaking. I literally was so weak in the knees it was a struggle to stand upright. If Google Satellite caught me out there, I would look frantic by body language alone.

But evidently, nothing had happened. Because everyone else on my culdesac still had coffee in their cups rather than to be wearing it, like me.

I went inside and regained my composure. I was very sure I heard something. And it scared me. bad.

I hurried up and got showered and ready for the day. I was helping at the school again and needed to get going. I went to the garage, pushed the button to raise the door and it struggled. It does that half the time anyway. Pushed it again, and saw it at a bit of an angle. Oh crap, I thought, if that thing is broken again, my car is stuck in here. Sure enough, I saw the pulley wrapped around the track the door slides up & down on. How in the world did that happen?

I called our landlord and then Brian, who came home right away. We figured if we could just lift the door high enough for me to back the car out, that would be fine. Really not a big deal if your door is still on the track. However, we had bigger issues that that.

That noise? The one that made me think something horrific had happened?

It was the spring on the garage door. The 6ish foot long one that stretches above the rail on each side of the door? It snapped. And it shot right through the drywall in our garage (the fireplace surround actually, 10 feet from where I was sitting).

With the help of our neighbor who was in the (right for us, wrong for him) place at the right time, we were able to undo the pulley, hoist up the door and hold up the top side before it came crashing down on us. It’s now held up with a very big curtain rod so it doesnt all fall to pieces.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a picture of what I’ve tried best to describe to you as a broken garage door. The coil is hanging out of the wall just below the arrow. When I saw it, I just figured we had hose coming out of the wall. I didn’t think anything of it. Except that maybe I had one of those fancy houses that vacuums itself and I didn’t know it yet. How about those mad Photoshop skills I have? huh? huh?

Well, our landlord (property manager has a nicer ring to it I think) should be here soon. And I just realized I’m going to have to move all that stuff in the way (the stuff I cropped out of the picture that stands roughly 4.5 feet tall). I think my “to do” list just spanked my “would rather do” list. Gotta run…


~ by hthr on September 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “A shot in the (not)dark”

  1. That exact thing happened to us a few months ago. I was trying to open the garage at 10:30 at night (after a night of Bunco), hubby was at work, Lovey was asleep in the car. I went to a neighbor’s house so he could do a walk through and make sure it wasn’t somebody that messed with the garage. He discovered the broken spring. Luckily, we got it fixed that Monday and it wasn’t too expensive!

  2. […] made the first fire in the fireplace here. Or anywhere. And because of the whole spring snapping episode that shot through the garage wall and into the fireplace surround, I was thinking this was a […]

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