Because there are no adults here to talk to…

Brian is in the Lonestar State all week, so I’m relying on you to keep me company!

This is one of the things I dealt with today:

Yes, those are the 2 week old & 2+ hundred dollar glasses that belong on my daughters face, and not in the hands of any other Kindergartener as a playtoy. They are now fixed. Thank you Troy. (I also picked out new frames for my failing eyes, and oh! do I ever love them!)

Today was picture day at the kids school. Does that make you catch your breath? It should. Let me just add that not only did I oversleep this morning (Brian out of town) and awaken to my children begging for food, but once Taylor put on her outfit for all to remember, I didn’t like it (I have issues with buttons). So I changed it. And rule #1487 of raising girls: don’t throw down any surprises on Picture Day. I’ll leave it there because we tried real hard to work through it without tears and were unsuccessful. And then shoes went flying. I’m just glad she doesn’t wear heels yet.

Avery was telling me about a little boy in the lunchroom who had a bloody nose and was walking through to the clinic. She is so animated and makes the funniest faces. (I have got to get a camcorder!) She goes, “Mommy. It was so. gross. I started to throw up a little in my mouth just looking at him…” I don’t know where she would have heard that but it was hysterical. She was holding her throat and rubbing it a little. Then, on the bus the other day, her friend she was sitting next to also had a bloody nose (different kid!) and he was trying to catch it before it went all over his clothes, which apparently happened anyway because cupped hands just aren’t leakproof. I’m not sure she’s gonna make it as a nurse.

Meanwhile, I’m having a hard time keeping all my kids friends straight anymore. Who is who, and who did what yesterday and now you’re okay with them today … I need a flow chart mounted on my wall. And they’re only 5 & 6! What happens when they’re 15 & 16? One little boy asked Tay to marry him last week, and that wasn’t even related to this friend’s lil boy who had a similar experience Don’t drink out of the first grade water fountains!


~ by hthr on September 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Because there are no adults here to talk to…”

  1. Oh honey…take it from a mom of a 14 and 17 year old. The flow chart gets larger. My 17 year old son has created this “harem” of girls that are constantly texting..because no one calls anyone anymore!!! And 14 year old Lindsay got the biggest cheer at the softball game from kids I don’t even know!!! But you know what? I absolutely love being the house that EVERYONE congregates to “hang out”. Its amazing how God helps make hamburger stretch when your son brings home 5 extra kids for dinner!! Enjoy your children..they are the greatest!!!

  2. I have seen glasses look like that soooo much. We finally got the “bendable” frames for Logan just 2 weeks ago. Here’s hoping we will not have to constantly be adjusting those. If Logan can last on one set of frames certainly Avery can. Oh and Thank God for the we will replace frames once a year if they break warranty. Most places will do the lenses too.

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