A belated Happy Birthday to my man

Today Last week Last month In June, there was a Sunday that was a sweet day. It was my husbands 31st birthday. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t find my belated-ness as cute as he used to. But probably cuter after 3 months than 3 days. Maybe not.

Truth be told, I failed to buy him a card this year because I didnt find one that said the right thing. And he didnt unwrap any presents, because the Cuis was a our gift to each other [which we looooove]. Instead, we spent the day much like we spent Father’s Day, hanging out all together and then alternately hiding from the kids, which is weird to type out, but … sometimes you do just want to go and hide, don’t you?

I made one of his favorite desserts last the night before (his birthday. 3 months ago) and all the while was thinking, I bet he won’t eat this. His weight is almost in the two-zeros. He won’t even eat this! But he totally did, and I was so glad because after a great deal of searching, I concluded that I had lost the recipe late Saturday night and had shut down the kitchen, turned out the light, and was headed off to hit the pillow when I spotted a catalog that had just come in the mail setting on the stereo. I decided to bring it to bed to look at before turning in, and don’t you just know the recipe dropped out of it?! Back into the kitchen I went for the next hour…

A few years ago B told me he wanted to quit graphic design and go back to vocational school and learn to be a plumber. “A plumber? A PLUMBER. You want to be a plumber? But you ARE a DESIGNER!” oh to be a fly on the wall in our kitchen that day… mmmh mmmh mmmh. I would be proud of him as a plumber…but I’m pretty fired up that he stuck it out with the artsy computer uber-camcorder thing. Maybe I can get him to teach me a thing or two about that, since I dont exactly have any videos kickin on my blog here. What I wouldn’t give to have Taylor’s song on video…

July update: I think my dessert stalled his “healthy eating plan”. I was afraid of that, much like the Adkins Diet situation we encountered following Valentines Day in 2000 when a chocolate dessert sabotaged the whole thing. I’ve been informed that we need to start eating better. immediately.

September update: Oops. It appears I forgot to hit ‘publish’ back in July. We’re trying a new diet now. Just having some trouble getting started here. Do you know that gluten is in practically anything you ever thought was worth eating? How can we do this gluten free diet and live in the south? I love mac & cheese. He loves biscuits & gravy. We need a Plan B C.

Happy belated birthday B. I adore you. I’m way proud of you. I pretty much just think you rock, and there is little else better than waking up and turning to look at you (except this week obviously, since you’re in Texas and all). Here’s hoping you still check my blog once a month. Love, hthr

**He is going to think I am so ridiculous. All sentiments aside, here’s what I want to know … has some kind of food ever thrown you off track of healthy eating and made you lose your mind or pants size? Come on now, the air just turned cool in Tennessee today. I’m thinking about fall baking here…

Brian & I both have crazy self control problems around Cream Cheese Streudel and Cheesecake Factory’s Lemon-Cream-Torte-whatever-SO-glad-they-sell-it-at-Costco-Cake. Your turn.


~ by hthr on September 16, 2008.

3 Responses to “A belated Happy Birthday to my man”

  1. Happy (belated) Birthday Brian!
    So in college I decided to go an entire week without eating a single sweet. I made it, but the second my “week” ended I gorged myself on sugar and got a stomach ache. You’d think I would know better than to do that, but apparently not. Needless to say, I have not tried that little diet plan again.

  2. First, happy belated birthday to Brian!
    Second, my friend Carol and her husband John are doing the whole gluten free thing. She swears she feels so much better. I, like you, wonder if its worth it. Although if I did give it a try, I could say goodbye to that food spoiler of mine that runs all diet attempts amok (pretzels and Nuttella). MMMMMM.
    Another guaranteed diet spoiler – extended visits to my moms house.

  3. Check out my sister-in-law’s blog http://www.glutenfreemommy.com for some recipes! She’s GF because of an alergy.

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