a small win.

Check this out! Our Honda parted the Sea of Junk right in our very own garage.

And…it put the junk on one side & the keeper stuff on the other! Amazing!

Actually, it took a lot of work and not just the wave of one of the many sparkly princess magic wands we have laying around the house. Although you can’t appreciate it from the view above, we don’t have to worry about breaking our necks falling on the stairs anymore either. They are completely empty. And the landing at the top of the stairs? Empty. I can see the carpet again. ::sigh::

I’m so tired but tomorrow morning when I go to get in the car for church I’ll be so deliriously happy this is all cleaned up. Feels great.

What’d you do this weekend?

~ by hthr on September 13, 2008.

6 Responses to “a small win.”

  1. That’s no small win! That’s HUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Just like a snowball, keep it goin’ now! Great job!

  2. I threw a baby shower for one of Steve’s friends. So, we cleaned the house this weekend too. Nothing like a little company coming over to motivate you to get things straightened and cleaned up. Great job on the garage, Heather. I know you worked hard! Let me guess, before the clean-up you couldn’t fit the car in there. Am I right?

  3. THAT’S awesome!!! well, i should probably be honest and tell you that even thought we cleaned our garage top to bottom few weeks ago…every time we pull into our driveway…the kids and i have to get out of the car BEFORE we pull into the garage…all that organizing and we still can’t open the doors all the way! congrats!

  4. way to go!

  5. Great Job! I have seen you drive,I bet you just floored the Honda and it went right in!
    Love you, Dad

  6. Please share your secrets to how you accomplished that! It would be nothing short of parting the Red Sea if all my “keep stuff” was in one pile and my “toss” junk was in another. Come to think of it, that’s most likely the problem, I don’t put anything in the “junk” pile!: )

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