I’m no Betty Crocker…

… or Mrs. Cleaver, or Martha, or Lil’ Debbie … but I was very excited today to go to Viking Cooking School for a cookie decorating class! Brian went a few times last year and raved about it, so I thought I would take a turn, and I dragged a friend along with me for extra fun.

A few years ago I was given an incredible set of antique copper cookie cutters and have wanted to learn to put them to good use. Now I know how! I think?

I know you’ve been wondering what I do all day with both kids in school. Now you know. I’m elbow deep in sugar! Yeah, right! You’re dreamin’. I decorated 6 cookies in 2 hours, if that gives you any kind of clue as to what I got myself into there.

But really, the greatest compliment is a cookie that disappears! (And it did. In 1/10th the time it took to decorate it!)


~ by hthr on September 7, 2008.

One Response to “I’m no Betty Crocker…”

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