School: first month in review

It’s been good. For all of us.

I’m still making the adjustment, and some things are more welcome than others. I have to laugh when I get out of the car and hit unlock on the door locks only to realize I’m alone in the car and have no one to unload from the back. The house is quiet; the kids bedroom stays neat & the bathroom light off. The playroom remains untouched for the most part. The girls don’t even go in there much…once they get home, they like to hang out with their ole’ mom. Which was a welcome surprise after a summer of “Miss Independent” as a theme song around here.

I will admit, I’m shocked at how much homework a first grader has. I’m having a real learning curve with late afternoon time management with the kids. Piano lessons, reading, spelling words, papers to complete…and lets not forget taking a shower and having some dinner along with “quality family time” … all between 4pm and 7pm. Because the kids head for bed at 715 at our house. That’s pretty non-negotiable on a school night.

Tay is reading really well (in our opinion) and likes school a lot. She doesn’t say much about it, but I’m not exactly gifted at pulling it out of her either. Brian is.

“So how was your day?”
“What did you do today?”
Played outside.”
“Did you eat all of your lunch?”
Yeah. OH! K blew milk out of his nose at lunch and went all over like tshhhh.”
“Wow. Yuck. Ok, sounds messy.”

Now, if Brian were in on the conversation, he would have gone on further to discover what she was thinking and feeling when she realized that the boy really was going to blow the milk out of his nose and not just joke about it. She would share all kinds of random little things surrounding the events and then they would hug and close their eyes and smile and I would watch on and think, “how’d he do that?”. He could write a book on how to communicate with a 6 year old.

Tay’s teacher is wonderful! And she’s also wonderful-ly pregnant. This news stressed me out upon hearing it the first time, and I’m afraid the look on my face matched the stress rising inside of me. However, I am so very happy for her – she is an amazing teacher – passionate about laying a foundation for the love of learning and reading with the kids. I trust her & I trust the administration at the school with each step in the process of choosing her replacement. Most of all though, I trust that this is all in the Lord’s Hands, and that it will all work out just fine. Because it always does.

Ave loves Kindergarten, and I think Kindergarten loves her. As much as she chatters I’m shocked she hasn’t had her “train moved” yet (that is like a demerit in Kdg). Last week she got her first pair of glasses! So cute…and very much needed. We had no idea! She has an astigmatism in both eyes, which they say is genetic (& I have as well). She claims that she misses me, and I love to hear that, but I’m so glad she is making new friends and having fun.

If anything, having the girls at school all day is making us realize how little time we have for true family time. Pair that with the knowlege of how fast time flies, and it actually is making us a little picky about what we do in the evenings and on the weekends. Brian and I are more aware that even though we may be exhausted by 6pm, there is only another hour or so to make it count with the kids. The weekends are the same way. I get frustrated because even though we’re doing “good” stuff, Sunday seems like a wash more often than not. Finding balance. That’s where we’re at as a family.

And since we are now a one-car crew, next week starts another first: the school bus. (Did I mention I’m getting better at releasing control? Can you tell?)


~ by hthr on September 5, 2008.

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