in other news

Brian, who has the will but not the time to put into having blog, has decided to delete it altogether. I told him he could guest blog for me as something comes to mind, and he wants to do a “He Said/She Said” to publicize the more entertaining of our arguments! Because in my mind, the egg IS dairy. But not in his.

I’m always open to some guest blogging spots to some of my friends too (hint, hint). I can’t understand why some of THEM don’t have blogs of their OWN! I know…I know…Time. Attention span. Proper caffeination. It all matters.

My friend Jean will probably write in one of these days too but never even check to see it posted. She straight up tells me, “I don’t read your blog you know. I never look at that thing, so you better just tell me what’s going on in your life.” If she had a blog, it would be wildly popular. I am sure of it. That is why we can go beyond having a cup of coffee and have a pot. And then make another. And oops! time for lunch…

Today was a great day in life of this coffee lover. It was the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. I can think of no better way to combat the sadness of packing away cute summer shoes & clothes, than with a PSL in hand. Nevermind the fact that it was 90 degrees today and I bought a new sweater. Fall is coming!

~ by hthr on September 3, 2008.

One Response to “in other news”

  1. Heather, I just love how you revolve your seasons around latte flavors at Starbucks. I would seriously love to have a coffee date with you some morning since you are the only other Moore mom I know who blogs. Tell me you guys aren’t moving. I see your selling some stuff. I’d miss knowing your there at Moore! 🙂

    Also, in that photo of all the girls, is that Tanya in the front? If so, I think that is Miss Tanya from Connor’s MDO class a couple of years ago. Funny! Small world.


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