A public apology to those who have helped us move in the past 7 years.

(That would be 5 moves in 7 years time)

We’re so sorry. We had no idea this thing came apart. Truly. We … didn’t even know the drawers came out!

And then … the top & bottom came off? Seriously??

We are in almost as much shock as you are right about now (only because I found out last Friday that it came apart and I still can’t believe it). Troy, I know. I just … I know, man…

So imagine my surprise when I saw them crack it apart into 3 MORE PIECES!!!!

Well, you might laugh to know (hysterically, as we did) that we were anticipating (for the 2 longest weeks of our life!) the sale & move of the Master Chest today (you get why they call it the Master, right?) but what none of us saw coming was that our Durango SOLD YESTERDAY too!!! It is gone. We be done.

I will have many more thoughtful things to say about it when I calm myself down, although I can’t promise when that will be just yet. For now, I have a ton of stuff sitting on the floor that was in this piece of furniture and needs to find a new home, like pronto.


~ by hthr on August 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “A public apology to those who have helped us move in the past 7 years.”

  1. Whatever. I think I moved that a couple of times.

  2. We had something similar happen to us… had some people help us move a dry sink into our house and they kept mentioning how heavy it was. A few days later as we were getting ready to put something away in it we opened it and found it full of boxes of books and magazines we had put in it for the trip. Oops.

    You guys are an inspiration! We put our china cabinet/hutch on Craigslist yesterday and sold it in a few hours. They came last night to pick it up! Unfortunately, we don’t have any other ‘big’ items to sell to speed up our debt snowball, but we’ll be there eventually, too. Congratulations to you guys!!!

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