Finish this sentence

“You know you’re a grown up when…”

[This idea totally robbed from the Doug & Kim Morning Show, which gave me a good laugh and an uh huh! this morning!]

~ by hthr on August 27, 2008.

13 Responses to “Finish this sentence”

  1. when you pick up a Barbie and cannot even begin to think of a storyline in which to put her in, nor can you get over her unrealistic body figure.

  2. If I can’t think of any, should I question my adulthood? And further, should that bother me? 🙂

  3. …all you want is peace and quiet for your birthday.

  4. …you’re at Lollapalooza and you choose Wilco over Rage.

  5. You actually look forward to taking a nap.

  6. …you start saying things like, “When I was your age..”

  7. …7:30 a.m. is considered sleeping in.

  8. you have an inside joke with your husband about the daily grind. We resurrect the old Dunkin Donuts line “time to make the donuts.” And then you realize you are so old if you actually remember that commercial!

  9. when you start sentences with “I remember when ____ only cost.” i.e “I remember when I started driving gas was 99 cents.” – Michelle

    When you’ve been married double digit years. -Michelle

    when all your stories begin “Back in my day…” – George

  10. Sorry gotta add one more….

    When you see former students at church with their wives and kids and ministries.
    I think this qualifies as “You know you’re old when…”

  11. when Saturday morning cartoons and a bowl of cereal is no longer the perfect way to start your weekend.

  12. honey! you’re growing up! when did this happen?

  13. I won’t go quietly, I’ll tell you that much. 😉

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