Some people call it “Mr Linky” but I … do not.

Because I have nothing entirely interesting to tell you, I’d love to pass along links to people who do.

Hmmm. What should I call it when I do that? I’m terrible at naming things … except my children of course. I like their names very much. Even though Brian changed his mind on Avery’s while I was filling out the birth certificate paperwork, but nevermind all that! She would have been Avery Layne had he just kept his mouth shut 2 minutes longer … Now, Jean (my anti-blog friend who knows a little something about a little of everything) told me not to worry about Avery’s name … i could change it as many times as I wanted before she … oh. Before she started Kindergarten. 

Well, the blogosphere is a fascinating place when you have more than 8 minutes to focus on it without having to settle an argument or tell someone to stop flipping over the couch or stop running in the house before they break their arm again. You follow.

Here are my top picks for today:
Donald Miller Shall Pray…Amen
:: Ragamuffin Soul. so thought provoking!
A Touch of Timelessness :: Being is More Important. This sweet friend has a beautiful way with words!
Good Things Catered :: a great new food blog find.
Katherine Hepburn Brownies :: Under the High Chair. because I crave chocolate like nobody’s business
Andiamo :: beautiful photography & stories of our friends’ recent trip to Africa
Want to move to or around Fr@nklin? Here’s a fabulous house for you!

What have you read lately that was interesting?


~ by hthr on August 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Some people call it “Mr Linky” but I … do not.”

  1. p.s. THANKS for the link love!

  2. Hey, thanks for stopping my hubby at the park the other day. I think he’s always surprised to know some people actually read my blog… because he doesn’t! 🙂

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