The timer and the timing.

[I wrote this post last Sunday and chickened out on posting it publicly on my blog. I’ll follow up when I get my head together later today or tomorrow]

Saturday afternoon, Avery & I were baking cookies for her to bring to her Kindergarten teacher on Monday. We were having so much fun. The music was [again] cranked in the next room, we were singin and dancin and sneaking chocolate chips here & there. I have never let the girls eat cookie batter because of the raw egg in it, but figured they’d be fine with a little. [this is totally not posed by the way!] There is no such thing as somber eating at our house. Either that or my cookie dough is just that good.

So…we’re scooping dough onto the cookie sheets and I put the first sheet in the oven when I heard my phone ring. It was a really shrill ring, which means its a stranger calling! My friends still get a Kanye ringtone because I don’t know how to change it!

Right, so … I answer the phone, which was next to the [thumping] stereo and I can barely hear the lady on the other end – but I could have sworn I heard her say “Thom…ville….mast….est”


I’m sorry! Did you just say you’re looking for a ‘Thomasville Master Chest’?
She laughed at me a little and said “Yes!”
Oh! Umm. Wow! Well….I have one!
“I used to sell Thomasville and that was my favorite line. I’ve been looking for this piece for a long time and … I don’t even know how I got your number…”

I totally missed the oven timer for the cookies. Let’s try getting the 2nd sheet right.

Can I just tell you that I thought I had dreamt it? I really did. I mean, what are the odds, right? That on our “get out of debt” anniversary so-to-speak, a lady would call and say, “Hey! I want that and I can come this week to get it. How much do you want?” But then I looked back in the kitchen, and on this pad of paper (where Dave is smiling back at me incidently), I saw her name and ‘Master Chest’ written below it. So I hadn’t dreamt it after all. And my cell phone shows the incoming call.

It was all very real.

My head was spinning afterwards. I could hardly think straight. I called Brian. His phone was off (shooting a movie). I called my mom. She was not answering. And then I realized…I missed the timer on the oven. Again.

Third time will be a charm, right? Third cookie sheet in.

I sat down and tried to collect my thoughts. All I could do was stare ahead.

I’ve had significant peace that this day was coming but I never thought it might be on this day. With this one thing whose asking price would call it good. Done. Debt free at last? Would God really care enough to show up so big to us? Because, I had to remind Brian what day it was. It probably only really mattered to me anyway but I like to remember stuff like that. My calendar is full of dates. I think God knew how much it mattered to me. Maybe, being my Father and all, He wanted to surprise me. He did.

I ended up face down on the table crying. Tears were puddled on the table and the floor. My girls came in with a handful of tissues, one rubbing my arm, the other offering up a kleenex with a hug. “Happy happy tears girls!” I told them. “Are we gonna be debt free mamma?” one asked. “Yeah baby, we are! Any day now.”

That third sheet of cookies…burnt to a crisp.


~ by hthr on August 22, 2008.

7 Responses to “The timer and the timing.”

  1. What a great story you have to share for the rest of your life!

  2. Man…is our God good, or what. I’ve really enjoyed following you through this particular journey. There have been times when I just needed to see first hand that God still moved in personal, creative, and timely ways. I’ve seen it over and over again on your blog. Being debt free is truly a blessing, but being blessed by God in such a personal way is so much richer! I’m so proud of the two of you!

  3. Cool! I’m so jealous (in a Godly, brotherly sort of way, of course!) Our gazelle is limping along but yours is doing great! Way to go!

  4. yeah, what tammy said.

  5. all i can say is you always hit me on days when i’m emotional and it takes everything in me not to cry (or i DO cry)…
    i’m so excited for you guys. and i love the way our Father loves us. how can anyone say He is not personal?

    i love the picture of the girls too.
    miss you.

  6. […] next day The next day I remade the cookies for Mrs. C and Avery. They turned out good. Still a little dark though. After […]

  7. What a precious story to always remember and retell your generations every time you make those chocolate chip cookies. I have a feeling they’re gonna get better & better! Way to go!!!

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