Something unexpected

I fell asleep today, while the kids were at school. I was sitting on my bed reading, it was warm from the sun and the pillows were situated just right. I was out. And I dreamt about fried chicken.

I woke up, frightened because I didn’t know where the girls had gone in our very quiet house. Then I remembered they were at school and I breathed a sigh of relief and sat back again.

Mmm. Fried chicken.

After the scare I’d just had, there was no returning to the relaxed state I came from. I opened the laptop and saw a new email newsletter titled “Fried Chicken Recipes“. No joke.

So…I picked my favorite sounding recipe and within 20 minutes I was on my way to the grocery store to get what I needed to make this chicken I was convinced I had just dreamt about. It took a bit of work to get this chicken prepared, but having just dreamt so vividly about chicken – juice, fried-goodness, steam & all, i was really looking forward to it.

We sat down at the table with our fried chicken and green beans, and we held hands to ask the blessing over the food in front of us. I just looked at everyone and I got it.


Everyone went their own ways all day: Taylor to first grade. Avery to Kindergarten. Brian to the office. I … well, I took a nap, but I did quite a few other things too … We go about our days independent of each other and then after the heat of the day has passed, we all come back together. To the table.

All day I was looking forward to just being together with my husband and kids. And there we were. With a meal I was very excited to make for them simply to celebrate our togetherness. I think I might understand why food was such an important aspect of my grandmothers life. And for my mom & aunts as well. It brings us all back together.

And together has got to be one of my favorite places.

~ by hthr on August 21, 2008.

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