I have a lot to be grateful for. My girls love school. They love learning and get excited about it. They don’t cling to me when they say goodbye, but they have mastered the art of lingering long enough to make it last a few hours with mommy. Truthfully, the quiet is a nice change. But I miss them by 11am. Granted, we’re only 2 days into this newfound … whatever you call it.

So at 11am today, I put myself out of consciously missing them and took a nap.

I woke up, not knowing what time it was, shot straight up looked from side to side and straight into the girls room all while in my mind hollering GIRLS! Where are they? Are they okay? OMG…I feel asleep! and then… Oh yeah….SCHOOL. Wait! Is it 4 yet? As if I could sleep all day if I wanted to! I plopped back down. What time is it anyway? Ahh, 1pm. Nice.

I knew I’d better get to the grocery store so we didn’t have a crisis come dinner time tonight and breakfast tomorrow. As I did, I passed my friend Chrissy on our road. We both stopped and rolled down our windows. She said she was at school and saw Avery being the messenger to the office. She said she looked so excited & she was smiling so big. So she bent down to give her a high five and then A threw her arms around Chrissy and gave her a big hug. I can just see her doing that.

So not even two minutes after she & I parted ways, my phone rings and it’s Taylor’s teacher. Oh great, I thought. Lice? Said a bad word…or three? Excessive band-aid use?

She says to me, “I started to write you a note, but it was going to get too lengthy so I just had to call you. Today we were coming in from recess and Tay saw her sister in the fenced in Kdg playground and called out to her and said, Who are you playing with today? … OK! Good job! Way to go with making new friends!”

I love that my girls love each other so sweetly.


~ by hthr on August 19, 2008.

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