I don’t know why I bother with eye makeup anyway…

…it’s just going to streak off my face. Shades of “time for wine” and almost black look a bit less fabulous when showing beyond the monsoon size black sunglasses I donned this morning. Three cheers for mom for not letting the kids see her cry!

But what crazy radio station Program Director selected SCC’s “Cinderella” to play at 8:21 this morning? Huh? Who would do that in the 8-9am “drive to/from school” time slot this day month? Oh! Seriously! I almost wrecked on the way home from the crying and squinting!

So that’s it. I’m not a MOP anymore (thats Mother Of Preschooler in case you weren’t sure). I’m now a mom of school aged children! gasp! Hardly seems possible…

But I can’t just sit here and blog all day…gotta get to work on my ever-growing project list! (And people want to know what I’m gonna DO all day while my kids are in school! ha!) I’ve got some mad chemistry skills waiting to be rediscovered. And because time is not on my side, I’m gonna work on an anti-aging cream to keep me looking like it is. After I get the ironing done, of course.


~ by hthr on August 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “I don’t know why I bother with eye makeup anyway…”

  1. SUCH a gorgeous pic of the three of you…can Brian photoshop himself in somehow??? that’s a christmas card right there!

  2. good grief…are you trying to make ALL of us need waterproof mascara??? i just got caught up on the last several posts…so sweet! i cannot imagine what a basketcase i will be!

  3. love those photos!

    i have three more years with kids at home, and i have no doubt those three years will FLY by! love having them here and i’ll be a wreck when they’re all in school!

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