keeping up

Aside from the fact that Taylor started first grade this week and Avery and I have endured the long slow buildup to her fulltime school days starting this coming Monday, there have been many things I’ve wanted to write about.

But I haven’t stopped to write about any of them. And I think I may soon regret that.

I thought, welllll, maybe no one will want to read about that (why DO people read my blog again?)… however, if I write it in my journal it is sure to be lost in everything dated and orderly here in wordpress world….of course, this IS MY blog. It is FOR ME and then anyone else who cares to observe or join in the craziness….and I do looove comments, you know.

So I’m taking a run at it…and I’m thinking I should stop thinking about what you might be thinking even if I post everyday (only because I usually don’t). And there are days ahead that may come up to a couple posts a day. That’s just where I’m at. Don’t worry. It has nothing to do with you-know-what. If you haven’t already, you should get a feed reader. It will cut an hour or three out of your day and save you a bunch of clickin around on all your bloggy friends blogs. See, I work productively!

Alright, so here goes. I think this is going to be a big week on many levels. And if you saw my facebook status as “hthr is: a lil jumbled up & excited” or whatever…you’re about to find out why. hthr’s been crying a lot too. and speechless (rare blessing) … there were a lot of 3rd person references being made in my head the past few days.

Here’s another. hthr is: about to start documenting, what may well become, one of the most memorable weeks of her life.


~ by hthr on August 16, 2008.

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