It’s coming like a freight train

Theres been this tension building in me for quite some time.

It’s not an angry thing. More anxious, I suppose, since time keeps slipping by and I can’t stop it no matter what I try. I’ve been home with the kids since they were born…I’ve only been “away” from them for 7 days in the last 6.5 years: 2 when Avery was born, 3 when we came to TN for B’s job interview, and 2 last year when we went to Atlanta for a friend’s wedding.

My kids get on my nerves just like the rest of y’all, I just have less shame in admitting it. I think my kids are awesome. But the time has come – here it is already – that they are both going to be in school every day, all day.

Its kind of like pulling the emergency brake I think.

We’re like – never – apart. And now, I’ll have 35 hours a week – to myself? Not hardly, but you get the idea. I’ll see them 2 hours in the morning and 4-5 in the afternoon & at night.

That’s it?

I seriously just had my kids separated less than an hour ago, sitting facing the corner because I didn’t know how else to discipline them. For the love! I just did it again 10 minutes ago because they were hitting each other (not nice, i know. don’t worry – they wont hit your kids, just each other). And here I sit, a sobbing mess because … its here.

And I knew it was coming. And school is inevitable. And ultra-wonderful and fabulous … but its already here, and I just can’t believe all these years went so darn fast.

~ by hthr on August 12, 2008.

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