Twas’ the first day of First Grade

or maybe, since this is present tense, and she’s only been there 45 minutes, it should say “tis the first day…”? I dunno. Marianna, help me out here.

I’m sure the blogosphere is about to light up with stories of first day jitters, teary mommies and tons of sentimental stuff, as well as a few cheers and woo-hoo’s. So here’s my first of a couple contributions to all that business. I have had the sweetest morning with my girls…

For starters, I had a written plan with target times. Really. Like, get up (5:15) (5:30), read, shower, brush teeth, wake girls (6:45), make breakfast & lunches, girls brush teeth & make beds alternately while I get dressed, help girls get dressed…life is good. We were ready not only on time, but early. gasp. And we were all calm & happy?!

Just one snafu. I thought the bowls I bought in the clearance dollar spot at T@rget (ie: 25c/pk4) were a great size and price no less, but this morning I learned something else. They’re tippy.

See that? It’s milk all over the floor. Fortunately, I had laundry sorted all over my kitchen floor too so it was no big deal…I just grabbed a towel headed for the washer and dealt with it. I’m not exactly an award winning housekeeper. But I have goals of at least having the laundry done by Friday. I’m pretty sure Avery might try & tip her cereal again tomorrow so she can get out of breakfast. Yeah, I took a picture of it. That’s what I do on the first day of whatever. I document it.

My little girl is in first grade! Remember when she went to Kindergarten? Oh! It was like … yesterday! Except, it was a year ago.

Here is the standard “first day of school” pic. She special requested a little extra poof in her hair today, because she likes big hair. Yes, we’ve been watching Steel Magnolias together and loving it!

And here’s Avery. This child is ready for Kindergarten…I’m just not sure they’re ready for her. We’ll see on Wednesday…

~ by hthr on August 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Twas’ the first day of First Grade”

  1. HA! Tis…Twas…Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to. 🙂

    These pictures in the kitchen reminded me that I forgot to tell you last week that I attempted to take a couple of pics of Avery last week with the camera sitting there on the table. She had the cool and wacky towel craziness on her head after taking a bath. Cute headshot, but I didn’t mess with the settings of the camera for fear of shattering it to pieces. 😉

  2. lol….I just downloaded them now! I was like…”who?….wha?” they’re so funny….i’ll send them your way.

  3. They are so cute. I actually did notice the extra fullness in Taylor’s hair prior to reading your comments on it. And Avery, silly girl. Why does kindergarten start later than the other grades?

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s so the mommies don’t go into shock by the kids being gone all at once. They kind ease us into it. I for one, can not stop crying today thinking about A going to school tomorrow.

  5. Stumbled here through the WordPress site. Love your photos. My kids are older – 5th, 6th & 8th grade and I still get those first day of school feelings. Lucky for me, our school doesn’t start until the 25th. Phew.

    Good luck!

  6. […] Last year, the first day of school started off with a splash. This year, Avery conducted her own music while attempting to eat her oatmeal. […]

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