Indiana: did I just get sprayed in the face by a cow udder?

We left on Wednesday morning and made a couple hour pit stop at Fair Oaks Dairy, just 20 minutes from the home of my aunt & uncle. I thought it would be educational for the girls. It was. It was all that and more.

The place is amazing. Let’s just say that. It is new and clean and … it totally surprised me. Fair Oaks is one of nine networked family-owned dairy farms that cover 17,000 acres and are home to 30,000 cows.

Thats a lot of cows.

I love steak, but this is a dairy farm. Their job – is to get the milk (and make cow babies since that is how the mama’s make milk after all!) Most of the 3,300 cows at Fair Oaks get milked 3x a day. They are creatures of habit and basically learn to load themselves onto a rotating wheel where they are mechanically milked. It takes 8 minutes to make a rotation on this spin-the-wheel…by the time they get around to where they started, they know to back out of the caged area they are in, and make an exit back to their pen. It is interesting to watch. And boring, all at the same time. (the area beyond the wheel at the upper left of the picture is where the cows waiting to be milked are … waiting. They walk in one by one to load in the little gates)

They had a 3d/4d movie about the farm and cows and milk. See those little GPS looking things attached to the bar in front of my family? Yeah, well I did not do the math on one per seat. I paid them no attention. But I should have…

because when the farmer starts talking about corn and how its harvested for the cows to eat, it blows air in your face.

Oh! That was a surprise. Cute.

And when the farmer comes out to show you how a cow is milked by hand, he sits on his stool, takes the udder, describes what he’s doing, and I don’t know what happened next because the darn thing sprayed us in the face! I was sitting still as could be, thinking, “No. that did NOT just happen” when a little girl started screaming behind us. Screaming. And I couldn’t blame her at all, because I felt her pain. I too, wanted to cry and be removed from the room.

As I attempted to regain interest in the show, it sprayed us AGAIN. This water-whatever was dripping from my scalp, down my face. I couldnt see out of the wacky glasses I was wearing. I needed a towel. Bleh!

I also needed to get out of that place!

So we escaped to the ice cream and cheese shop. And then, I saw it. Another unexpected perk in my day:

And all was right again in my world. And I forgave them for making me think I was being sprayed in the face with milk.

The Dairy Farm was actually very very interesting. Brian is thinking of going vegan now. That good.

[more pictures in my facebook album Summertime 08-Indiana. Go check them out!]


~ by hthr on August 6, 2008.

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