Indiana: “Are we there yet?”

The answer is “NO!” I mean….”Noooo. Honey, you’ve been in the car 20 minutes. Really. Make yourself comfortable.”

Or try to anyway. Sorry pumpkin. That’s not lookin too cozy for you.

The girls asked on average every 15 – 20 minutes of their waking hours if we were actually “there yet” … until they woke up in my aunt’s driveway around 11:30 Saturday night. But they were pretty excited, so we didn’t get too tired of it:

11:30…according to Maggie (our GPS) we should have been there much earlier, but dinner out with a server who apparently missed out on “server school” and a coffee stop, 1 gas fillup, and 2 extra potty stops…well, it all adds up.

And B was … awake … thanks to Starbucks, despite the incredible achiness that was overtaking his body from the boys trip the night before!

So the good news is I officially “stepped up” (Bri’s words, not mine) in our marriage when I took the wheel to drive some of the way post Venti DoubleShot north of Indianapolis. I don’t think I have ever driven a stretch of interstate on a road trip before in the 10 years we’ve been together. But he was beyond tired.

I hate driving interstate. I hate semi tractor trailers. I have poor nighttime vision. But I made Carrie Underwood’s song my prayer right there on i65. And after an hour, I told Bri I just couldn’t do it anymore, and he thanked me & told me how proud of me he was and we switched seats and my knuckles switched back to pink rather than white.

But hey, i stepped up y’all! I might drive to Nashville myself someday.


~ by hthr on August 1, 2008.

One Response to “Indiana: “Are we there yet?””

  1. Ha!! We’re two peas in pod–on our road trip to FL (round trip 23 hours) I drove two…and was totally proud of myself for it 😉

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