crowning glory

Hair is a big deal in my life. And not because I have so little of it.

It’s because my mom is a hairdresser. If you ask her what her favorite thing to do is, she’ll tell you cut hair. And she is really good at it. She had her own business for … a great many years, even before I was a glimmer in her eye. Not that she’s old or anything. Cuz she’s like … 39 still. and gorgeous.

She had her own shop in the basement of our home with a separate entrance during my childhood. Two of her best friends had the same setup in their own houses. Imagine being in the same business as your close friends. Same town. Knowing many of the same people. I can tell you that I never once heard anything ugly about anything. Ever. Now, how rare is that? The word competition was as extensive in my mind as to what team won red rover.

So having grown up surrounded by hair pro’s, I never once stepped into a hair salon per se. I’ve had free hair care for life thanks to my mom. However, when we moved to Tennessee, I had to get brave with the scissors and start cutting my own because I can not stand to have 4 week hair. I have to cut it at least every 3-4 weeks, and that was not working with her vacation schedule.

I’ve gotten kind of alright at it with practice. However, one thing I do not dare attempt (again) is that of the golden strands belonging to my children.

My kids are total opposites when it comes to their hair. A has thin wispy baby hair at 5 years old. However we’ve let it grow long for lack of knowing what else to do with it. Tay on the other hand, has more hair than we can actually even manage. And she has been begging me for nearly a year to hack it off to her ears. And I always say, “no no no no no. you need a ponytail.”

Well let me tell you. This pool season has about done me in on the ponytail requirement I created. We haven’t been swimming much lately not because I don’t enjoy it but because getting Tays hair washed and combed after each and every visit is a royal pain in my you-know-what.

So…with school starting in less than three weeks (huh? what? yes! It’s shocking isn’t it?) and the hottest part of the summer upon us, I decided to take the plunge and make an appointment for them for their first salon hair cut experience. It was actually our first because I had never delved into this world away from my mom/home either.

It was weird at first. I really didnt even want to tell my mom I was doing it. It’s like … cheating on her or something. It felt wrong. But she isn’t coming to visit until the fall. And I’m not about to cut my kids hair. Brian nearly lost an entire sideburn thanks to me last month. Thankfully he likes me a lot and he will give me a second chance. I still feel bad about that one.

So we went. We were all really excited. Taylor wanted a facial as well…how do they know these things? You can not believe the amount of hair cut off that child today. It was incredible. She looks so adorable I can hardly stand it. I think she must feel really free about the whole thing because she just keeps bouncing and giggling everywhere she goes. I am convinced that haircuts have the ability to be personality altering, even if only for a short time. I can update you on that one later.

Avery’s haircut makes her look older, which is exactly what I asked for since she is such a little peanut of a thing. I usually don’t love bangs, but … oh my, they work for her! It is with great sadness I tell you that my camera battery died just as she was getting into the chair for her cut. We still had a grand time, but I was a bit sniffly and pouty on the inside over it. Where’s my backup battery when I need it?

Special thanks to Lauren at unruli who took her time with the girls and has an amazing way with scissors! And thanks to my mom, who assures me she does not feel cheated on, but rather affirms to me that having a good haircut is one of the essentials in life.

~ by hthr on July 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “crowning glory”

  1. You are such a good mom for not allowing your children to get ugly haircuts. They are adorable! My complaining and stubbornness won out over my mom at one time and I got a haircut (which I later didn’t take the time to style properly) and it looked 500% horrible. Don’t get me wrong – my mom is great – but that haircut… I wish I could erase it from my memory and pictures.

  2. they are PRECIOUS! i have little boys and still let their hair get LONG, especially in the summer. we’re going to get back to school haircuts before long!

  3. oh my goodness!! i didn’t think your girls could get even more beautiful!!!

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I feel so much about my hair appointment this afternoon. Short hair is pretty, and I was totally nervous.

  5. i LOVE it!!! I can hardly wait to see them in person!!!

  6. They are so stylish! And Avery *does* look older with that style. Crazy!

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