weekend plans

UPDATE – Sunday 11:30pm: okay, so I didn’t go to the pool or pick berries this weekend.

I woke up both mornings to find the other side of the bed still made and the lights still on in the house. The team worked through the night taking naps when needed. I stopped to peek in on their progress a few times and loved what I saw. Making a movie is pret-ty cool if you ask me.

But it wasn’t until B came home with a DVD in hand for me to watch that my jaw dropped. That I yelled, “NO WAY!” and cheered while pumping my fists in the air and not caring if my kids woke up. Yeah, y’all. That good.

The hardest part for me is that you don’t get to see it until after the public screening! argh!! so sorry. really. truly. Because you’re totally gonna cheer and wake up your own kids. or pets. or other loved ones when you see it. But you have to wait a week or so. [blink, blink] I know. Its going to be so hard for you.

I’m exhausted from relentless curiosity & excitement. Everyone else is exhausted from not sleeping for the past 2 days. 3 really. I bet it catches up with them on…..Tuesday.


This weekend I plan to hang with my kids by the pool and maybe go pick blackberries.

My husband on the other hand, will be busy with a bunch of friends…I may not see him much. Or at all. They will be hard at work & play doing this:

They sign in at 7pm Friday to get their assignments and get to it! If you see film crews around town and happen to think of it, please say a prayer for their team. This is a big fun deal!

I don’t think Brian will be updating his blog during the weekend, but if I’m feeding the hungry filmmakers, I’ll try to snap some pics of the action to share with you!

~ by hthr on July 17, 2008.

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