I use my middle finger a lot

Much like my friend Julie, I am thinking I may have taken advantage of a seldom thought of body part.

My middle finger.

Sometime last week, my fingernail bent down a little bit. No biggie. Then it ripped somehow. And that rip, caught on something and went straight down to the quick of the nail. Now, it stands up like a sail on a boat.

I have hurt it washing my hair. Scratching my head. Driving. Digging for keys in my purse. Making the bed.

So put a bandaid on it I figured.

And I got online and do you know I could not move the cursor on the touchpad because…i dont know why…i guess because the touchpad doesnt respond to bandaids?

This is a bad rip y’all. It is all-consuming and will take some time to grow on out. I am feeling so whiny & inconvenienced at the moment. So sorry. Mid-summer blues I guess.

~ by hthr on July 17, 2008.

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