a day (or an hour anyway) at the farm

This morning was cool and I needed a jacket when I left the house just before 6 o’clock to go workout. Afterwards, I came home, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out with the girls to a blueberry farm about 5 minutes from our house.

I thought it would be a lot of fun to go pick them together. It was the girls first time and I hadn’t done it since I was a kid. I envisioned coming home with at least one 5 gallon bucket of berries. Maybe two. And packaging them and surprising friends with them, making fresh blueberry pie and freezing some for winter muffins…

That was a little ambitious I think. The 5-10 gallon part.

We did get just under 2 pounds though – not bad for an hours work! In case you’re wondering, that means we basically covered the bottom of our 8inch buckets! And of those said pounds, quite a few were pink & green. Why not blue you ask? Because one of our girls thinks the pink & green ones are pretty!

As we drove up the long driveway to the farm, I was reminded of how much I love it here. It was just beautiful. The sun was still a bit low in the sky and shining through the trees from the east casting long shadows in front of us. I stopped the car on our way up the tire-mark-turned-gravel road to the farm, just to take it all in. Fortunately, Taylor appreciates when we do. She’ll be the one pulling over at the scenic overlook on the side of a mountain someday. i love that she notices everything around her. Comments when its beautiful. Finds it cozy when its raining outside. She sees things that aren’t obvious to everyone, and points them out, making our days that much richer together.

Yeah, yeah … she makes me pull my hair out too.

Sometimes I think its just nice to get out and do something out of the ordinary. Even if it takes a little more time, or costs a little more. Just to be together and talk and laugh and learn. So this morning, as we hunted for blueberries, we did just that. The grass was still wet on our feet as we worked together, me pulling down the high branches so they could pick the berries themselves. Taylor “talked to” a boy, picking on the same row, later telling me she wished him “good luck finding berries!”

I love this stage of mothering that I’m in. Some days are better than others, but they always end loving deeper and fuller than the day before. What better than that?

Next up, blackberries! (click on these little pics to see them larger!)


~ by hthr on July 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “a day (or an hour anyway) at the farm”

  1. Hey, where is that place and how much is it? I was just reading somewhere about people who go to all of these different farms and was wondering what type might be around here…

  2. http://www.pickyourown.org/TNmiddle.htm

  3. fun post…sophie liked the pictures too. i’ll have to look up a strawberry one too…is it past strawberry season already???

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