The crazy lady drivers on my street

Some sweet friends generously blessed our girls with a Barbie Jeep this past week. And let me tell you what, they love it more than Disney World! I can not resist sharing their joy in picture format:

The oldest trumps on first driving privileges; here is Taylor taking her sister for the first ride downhill in our culdesac:

They had a blast!  She took it off-roading into our yard, spun a 360 going uphill (takes skills, right?) and finally pulled it in the garage for Avery to take a whirl. And based on how she did backing the thing up, I suggested helmets, just to be safe. Here she is whispering something to her sister…

…I’m pretty sure she said, “Watch THIS” because in the next photo, you can see she nearly rode over my toes. This was an accidental shot. My finger just hit the button when I jumped back out of the way. I didn’t know they were approaching me so fast, and all they say is “Watch out! We’re gonna hit you!” and laugh as hard as can be as they drive past, my life whizzing before my eyes. Or my pedicure, at least.

At this point, the older started shouting things like, “Hit it!” and “YEAH!! That’s what I’M talkin’ ’bout!

She spun around the culdesac, went uphill, back down, into our driveway and then down the sideyard, nearly catching air (or at least it seemed) when she was met face to face and inches shy of the neighbor’s mailbox. Don’t worry honey, mommy’s done it too. Only, it sent the box off its post, launching it 20 feet in the air behind me as I drove off. I saw it come down in my rearview mirror, but when I came back home, the mailbox was back on its spot, making me think I’d dreamt it all. Except, there was that scratch up the hood…

Tay is a backseat driver, and Avery is not havin’ it. Oh, I can just imagine when they get to share a real live vehicle of their own.

Here they are cooling down with a pop-ice and waving to the neighbors as they walked by. They look worn out, right? THAT’s what I’M talkin’ about!

I think I can relate to the anxiety my mom had when I started driving. Only, mine is 10 years premature. And less expensive. Tay has a lead foot and Avery is just flat out going to give me a heart attack. Via Power Wheels.

But the smiles…the laughter…quite possibly, can never be forgotten from this afternoon.


~ by hthr on July 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “The crazy lady drivers on my street”

  1. no matter how many times I look at those pictures Iaugh. Those two are hilarious!!

  2. so this is how “women drivers” start out! 🙂

    Those two are so stinkin’ cute!

  3. They are too CUTE! I love the photo with their helmets and one whispering to the other. You should have it framed. You are truly blessed.

  4. I love these pics and your comments! You are a great photographer and mother. You and Brian also make some pretty cute kiddos! (these pictures are priceless…i love the one from the boyfriend post too.)

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