the first of many boyfriend discussions

Tay & I were discussing being a picky eater this afternoon, and I was caught in the midst of one of those moments that gave me the opportunity to speak to her knowing she would be receptive to it. So I dove in following her lead…

“Sometimes I’m grumpy when I eat new food. I just can’t help it” She told me.

“Why are you grumpy about it?”

“I don’t know. I just am.”

“well, what about when someday your boyfriend takes you on a date and he wants you to try his favorite food and you’ve never had it before? Are you gonna be grumpy then too?” Her eyes went wide and locked with mine. I think she was in shock that I referred to her having a boyfriend!


“Don’t you think its kind of bad that you would be grumpy with the rest of us for wanting you to try something new? If you act that way, you won’t have many boyfriends!”

“Well, if hes really into me, maybe he should bake something instead.”

Genius, my daughter is. pure genius.

and then she wrinkled up her nose and laughed so hard. just like this. and i thought, man, whoever this guy is, is one lucky guy. and he doesnt even know whats gonna hit him.


~ by hthr on July 11, 2008.

3 Responses to “the first of many boyfriend discussions”

  1. Such BEAUTIFUL girls!!

  2. watch out boys!!! that is a gorgeous pic of her–and sweet avery too 😉

  3. gorgeous picture!

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