you aughta know!

Shrink-Ray hits consumers wallets :: MSNBC

Talk Amongst Yourselves – Paying Sitters :: Rocks in my Dryer

So Hopefully It’ll Cool Down Before He Starts Kindergarten :: Guest Blogger Chase’NKids at Desperately Seeking Sanity. a hysterical must-read for any parent! Seriously, go empty your bladder before you read this.

John Mayer, The Secular Chris Tomlin :: Stuff Christians Like

The People of Lampo :: ChrisThomas. You wanna meet some Lampo family? You do. Go on.


~ by hthr on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “you aughta know!”

  1. Okay, so Jack will be two in November…I can’t believe the Chase’NKids story! Seriously made my day! Think #2 will be a boy? I have a sneaking suspicion we’ll have all boys!

    On another note, hthr, it’s fun to keep up with your family through your blog. I know we’re not even really related, but I’m short on cousins of my own and love your sense of humor! The family reunion is in CO next time… you should come!

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