Catching up.

Well, the girls are fairly settled into their new room now. I realize of course that we just separated them not too long ago. And before that too. This time we’ve made the twin-bed purchase, so we’re committed. Here they are the first night in their new beds. We haven’t hung anything on the walls yet, but we’ll get there. I’m a little slow about that kind of thing.

Brian & I were shopping at TJMaxx last week and ran across this lil’ feller. I wanted to buy him “just because” and Brian was like, No way! I don’t want a lazy gazelle settin’ on my shelf! He’d better be runnin from something. I just figured he was admiring his twin clearance price tags, but…oh well. We left him with the rooster cookie jar he was setting next to. [If you’re wondering what the gazelle fascination is all about, click here].

I tend to think the sun can be a really healthy thing, so I’ve been spending a lot of time poolside this summer. The girls had been in swim lessons everyday for a couple weeks. Taylor took off and did awesome! She can swim underwater now. I am so impressed! I can’t stand to get my face wet … maybe she can teach me. Here is Taylor adjusting her sisters swim-top before taking her first jump into the deep end. Such a helper that child…

We weren’t there too much last week since my parents were here and we were all working around the house, but I’m headed back that way….so if your feed reader isn’t catching much from this direction, you know why, and you know where I’ll be! Come over and join us, why don’t ya?

~ by hthr on July 2, 2008.

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