101 reasons I hate Victoria’s Secret.

Or a few longwinded descriptions. Whatever.

Twice a year for the past (many) years, I looked forward to a big event: the semi-annual sale at VS. In my former life, I had their platinum card and maxed it monthly. I still have stuff I bought there 5+ years ago with the tags on it. Thats some quantity, y’all.

However, I am so much more mature than I used to be! And educated. And older. And lately, more irritable. Along with the gift of maturity, came that of becoming “less endowed” as well. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

And so, you can imagine my surprise when I went into the greatest bra store on earth to find out not only do they not carry my size, but their sales people also have looks of pity that accompany the news upon its delivery. Apparently it is because they are thinking more of the commission they won’t be earning on me that day. Their giggling certainly would not have preempted that news, would it? I didn’t think so either.

I thought I’d try again another day after I learned that they do carry my size in a special section. Nice, huh? So I asked a girl and she got on her official earbud and asked another bragirl – loudly – if they carried it. “No, we dont carry that anymore” she announced – yes, announced. I turned around to look for my husband who had completely bolted in the opposite direction and was standing in the doorway hand in hand with our angelic [read on} children. I thought for sure he would be there to have my back and offer sympathy. Or compassion. Or a “that was just wrong, baby!” kind of thing. Of which I got none because he had completely distanced himself from what evidently he saw coming like an inbound train.

I always loved the semi annual sale. you can get some new pretty stuff, cheap-er than “sale” priced. However, somehow in all my irritability of late, I have found myself completely disgusted at the store. Not only are there rounds upon rounds of under-things, but women crowded around them digging for stuff. Stuff you would wear. They are handling it. Throwing it around. It is like the world’s largest panty raid and inevitably, upon entering you are going to have mental images stuck in your head as you see people sort through and decide on their purchases. I try to get out as quick as I can and never make eye contact with anyone.

I have attempted to save a few bucks this month at the sale, however my kids are not the best shoppers in that store. It is like walking through the door flips a switch on their brains. One child spanks the bottomside of the mannequin. Another likes to feel the material of its bra. I suppose if I had boys doing that, then it would be worse. Regardless, it is a bit awkward to have to tell your kid to stop touching the mannequin inappropriately.

I finally had them standing still as I dug through bins of bras. Next to what I hoped might be my size if I found the right style, a 14 year old girl, digging in a bigger sized bin declared “Mommy! Look how cute this one is! Can I get it?” I could have thrown up right there in that bin of overpriced bras. How could that little girl be fitting that stuff? Life seems unfair some days. I left.

After an especially trying afternoon with the kids yesterday, I got a babysitter so I could go out and attempt some shopping alone. And by attempt, I mean, see if VS was more tolerable without kids or if my opposition for digging for the right size & style was pretty much just that.

I must be fly-paper to 14 year old girls because there I stood, diggin through bins yet again, listening to a “little girl” shop right next to me as her mom and younger sister gave her advice on which were “cuter” and she gave an entire rundown of her opinions of fashion for said item. And seriously, her choices were much more than “cute” if you know what I mean.

I stood there and suffered through her commentary because being a birthday girl this month, I had a ten-dollar off coupon for my purchase. I’d already attempted to shop there 3 times this month with kids. If I walked away today with nothing, I was giving up altogether.

Eventually I made it to the checkout, choices in hand, and after politely refusing the Angels credit card, I gave her my “Birthday Wish” discount card. “That isn’t valid on special priced items.” “Special priced? Like ‘sale’ items?” “Yeah, you have to buy something … not on sale to use that.” “Full priced?” “Yeah.”

Well color me stupid. I thought for sure they just wanted business these days, but evidently the 14 year olds are the real prized customers. Someone please tell me why it is so important for a kid – because they are kids – to wear underthings I never dreamed of laying eyes on until I was ready to get married?

I must be old. Or old-fashioned. Which my mother would appreciate.

So because I’m irritable and I know it (clap your hands), I’m going to share a tidbit of information with you that I learned a while back; their bras are made by the same people who also supply bras to another store you frequent. I know this based on two things: a “bra engineer” from the manufacturer in a not so far away land, and a saleswoman at another store who divulged to me that she’d had shipments for VS delivered to her incorrectly labeled. It’s no secret, it’s all the same, y’all.

~ by hthr on June 20, 2008.

25 Responses to “101 reasons I hate Victoria’s Secret.”

  1. Target has great bras by the way! Your so right about finding great stuff elsewhere without the unbelievable price tag!

    • Too bad they, like Penney’s, Sears, Macy’s, and Walmart, never carry anything smaller than 34A, and if it starts with 32 it will only be 32A.

      Seriously, nobody ever thinks of the flat-chested ladies.

  2. If you need a night out to see a chick flick and escape you just give me a shout. 🙂

  3. yes well, the sales girls at VS giggled at me…IN THE DRESSING ROOM. They started me out in a 32b or something similar and took me right up to a 40 d or something ridiculous before they just realized their bras didn’t hold my bosoms in an effective (non-jello jiggler) sort of way. They just kept shaking their heads as if they had never seen such a thing. (The first girl called the second girl over to help her figure out what to do about my chest.)

    • its called a 2nd opinion.

    • Yeah I’m actually 14… and even though all my friends love that place I can’t stand it because somehow one of the worker girls always makes me feel bad. Annnnd they are overpriced. i just go other places with workers that are actually helpful and nice instead of judgemental and mean. I’m not wasting my money.

  4. Like you, I have a hard time finding my size. Most stores don’t carry anything small enough and the trainer bras are too small. Try Rebecca Vaughn’s. I had a wonderful experience there and was able to pick up some nice bras for under $30 that were on sale. They are the best fitting I’ve ever worn and the sales gal who helped fit me was very professional. I will definitely go back there.

  5. I’ve heard the same thing about rebecca vaugn’s…just couldn’t remember the name of it when I left my remark. everyone i know that’s gone there swears by it!

  6. […] Secret!” My favorite. I must be am officially a glutton for […]

  7. If I had a buck for every time I came to hthr.wordpress.com.. Superb writing.

  8. I have also gotten fed up with Victoria’s Secret. They were one of the few stores that carried nice looking bras in my size and it was nice being able to try things on for once instead of ordering online and praying to god that it fits. However, I was told that since there wasn’t enough demand for the size, it is only available online now. Am I going to pay an arm and a leg to get a bra that only MIGHT fit me? No! The US is horrible with bra sizes and it’s difficult to find sizes with a small band and a large cup without paying upwards of $50 apiece. The UK is much, MUCH better about carrying huge ranges of bra sizes, but with the current exchange rate it can be just as expensive.

  9. ps…we dont make commission

    • whatever your opinion is, never mind not finding the right size.. i just think their lingerie and everything looks cheap and dull.. the way they promote themselves you’d think VS is some high class professional range with good taste but you walk in and think WHAT? THIS is Victoria’s Secret? We’re better off buying asian brands for a fraction of the cost. they come in sizes, look good and last years.


      p.s its too bad you dont get commission.

  10. Here’s an intersting article about VS that you will probably like


  11. This makes me laugh… Not because it’s funny, but because I have problems with bras and so does my middle sister. You see–I’m a 34B…. And so is every twelve-fourteen year old in the area (I’m eighteen 😦 I’ve been this size for seven years… Maybe eight or nine…)… So, finding a bra CAN happen, but it’s usually the crappy ones that aren’t very sturdy. By the time I get there, I have like one left.

    On the other hand, my baby sister is a 36DD. Even the Walmart “Just My Size” doesn’t carry her size. So, going bra-shopping is a bit of a scavenger hunt for the both of us!

    On the other hand, I’ve only bought their underwear (yesterday, for the first time). They seem pretty comfortable and the pair I’m wearing now fit perfectly. But, I’m scared my guy friend stretched my other pair out D: He put them on over his pants…

    • Also, to clarify, they were on clearance. 😉 I won’t buy them if they aren’t. I don’t have thirty dollars to throw down on three pairs of undies… I’ll pay eight for two, though 🙂

  12. I have come to the conclusion (after about four years) that I HATE VS as well. It would seem from reading these posts that they don’t carry anyone’s size, big or small. Every summer I end up on their website looking for a bathing suit. I am a 32 D, which means I need an underwire. When I finally settle on a style (limited in the underwire section btw) I am reminded of why “last year” was so excruciating. Their solids and patterns leave much, much, much to be desired. Really, animal print…still? On the rare occasion I do find a pattern I like (okay this only happened once), it is sold out in my size. Then the bottoms, ugh. I am fully aware that I will not look like a VS model in my VS suit, but when my most recent purchases arrived at my house I had to laugh out loud. The “swim skirt” ( looked like a fitted mini on the model) looked like a giant pair of pink granny panties. I refused to even try it on for about an hour. When I did it was slightly better than I had feared but had so much more material than it did in the website pics that it was unrecognizable. It was a medium. Same story with the tankini. The cup size on it ran waaaay big (in comparison to the underwire triangle top I also ordered). Again, on the model the “body” of it (below the cups) was fitted. On me? There was enough loose material around my midsection to make another suit. I am certain they had the suit in the picture cinched in the back or tailored for the model. I am sending granny panties and the parachute tankini back…never again will I waste my time at VS.

  13. We don’t make commission and our bras (now) come in anything from 32A to 38DD in store and 40DDD online. Unfortunately, customer service will vary between every store. The store I used to work at was awful, the store I currently work at is one of the highest rated. It all depends on where you go. I’m very sorry for all of the bad experiences.

  14. Victoria’s Secret employees do not work for commission; that’s an insidious lie and rather amusing assumption.

    As with any store, you’re bond to have some that are the “bad eggs” in the chain, and for that – I am truly sorry. However, many stores are passionate about what they do and want to help customers feel great, not just for loyalty.

    I, personally, am in between sizes and wear certain sizes in certain styles because that’s the way my body is. I have never been laughed at or treated differently because of this.

    The look of “apology” was because we feel bad turning down customers considering we know how it feels when we fall in love with something and are unable to get it.

    Now our bras are carried in 32AA-DD through 38A-DD and 40B-DDD online and select stores. To make up for the inconvenience many of the stores offer to pay the online delivery cost (it’s shipped privately and straight to your house) as well as offer ten dollars off the bra.

    Lastly, our sale bras are not “just from five years ago”. What is not sold is sent back to the warehouse were they are sorted by sized and shipped to stores for the SAS; these bras vary from two weeks to three years old and stores are unable to control what is shipped. We are constantly redesigning our bras to offer better fits and more versatile functions, so many favorite models are phased out but are always replaced!

    Yes, the bras are expensive because they last. Many people complain about them not lasting – why? People do not know how to properly take care of them. Do not fold your bra, it causes the gord and wire to break. Do not wash or dry your bra, it tears and wears the fabric. Instead, store then flat or like they are stored in the store. Hand wash (machine wash low if nothing else) and -always- hang to dry. You’ll see the difference.

  15. I wish I got paid in commission. The sticky sparkly lip gloss costs more than What I make in an hour.

  16. That’s why you hate VS? How about the fact that they mislead almost every girl/ woman on earth by showing amazon airbrushed models to give hope that maybe if I wear this low quality shit that only fits 6″6 gigantic women, I will look like a supermodel too…NOT!
    Every piece of clothing in the Pink department and online has never fit properly, as they do not make clothing for shorter petite women. The bras are aight. Overall very cheap quality for high prices…I wouldn’t be surprised if theyre Uggs are fake as they do come from China..The biggest issue I have with that corporation is the fact that they are ruining young women everywhere. But that is my opinion.

  17. I hate VS because their underwear not only goes up your crack, it’s SUPPOSED to be there. And why? Because men find that attractive? Let them wear it up their crack then. I also, at 44, don’t care to wear underwear with suggestive words printed on them. I want underwear, not advertisements. Apparently VS isn’t seeking business from more mature females; I will stick with Soma.

  18. Thought you’d appreciate this funny video from the homepage of Funny or Die… http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/f7fc52cdb6/victoria-secret-panel-interview

  19. First of all, VS employees don’t get commission and second of all it’s not our fault that we don’t carry your size and third of all, would you rather an employee lie to you than find the correct answer through the walkie and then tell you?! I just don’t understand customers.

    Sorry if I sound rude but most employees and fitting room specialists are trying to help every customer and make you feel comfortable. Trust me, we hate the fact that the brand doesn’t carry bigger sizes but customers just forget that we are just employees. It’s not our fault we don’t have your size or your favorite color or a certain item. And last but not least that ramble or chatter that you’re talking about is us trying to get to know our customer in order to asses your needs to the best of our ability.

  20. So let me say what I’m seeing here..,all flat chested girls are on a kick to hate VS? Why? Because they don’t make Brad for little titties? Hmmmm

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