Hockey … week two

Brian came to my rescue this week and helped me get the girls dressed for hockey. It was a whole lot easier this time around AND no tears, no screaming, and no more attempts of stripping down before getting on the ice. Taylor did super. I think she completed all the exercises. It amazed Bri & I how FAST some of the kids are! Wow! (click to enlarge)

In case you are wondering about how the “stubborn one” did … when it was over and the kids were getting off the ice, she sat there (either where she had fallen or given up) and started taking her skates off while she sat out there. We couldn’t tell what she was doing until we saw the coach go talk to her and she handed one up to him. It was too funny, really. Then we saw the other one get handed over and he swooped her up and skated her over to Brian. They must really wonder about her!

Here we are, their biggest fans (even though they’re still learning to make the skates glide!)

~ by hthr on June 11, 2008.

One Response to “Hockey … week two”

  1. That looks like so much fun, even with the “stubborn one.” 🙂

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