A new love…

We have a new favorite place…Nuccis. It is a family owned Italian Ice & Gelato place and they are truly one of the nicest bunch of people I’ve encountered. They’ll even let you sample the different flavors before you commit so you simply can not choose and have to come back tomorrow for more! (what? who does that? bdub?)

See Brian hiding his gelato from me? He knew I would try to steal his multitask & get a bite while taking the picture. I’m quick like that.

What do we recommend? Everything!

Soup? yes.
Panini’s? yes.
Italian Ice? kids say yes.
Gelato? everyone sing it, “YESSSS!!!!”

So far…my favorite is the Affogato – 2 scoops of gelato with a shot of espresso on top. I had it with caffe espresso & amaretto gelato…(speechless)…

You just gotta go…and then tell me what you had!

~ by hthr on June 9, 2008.

One Response to “A new love…”

  1. Hey-where is it? That sounds amazing!

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