All good things must come to an end. Even Kindergarten.

Well, Taylor’s been out of school for over 2 full weeks already! I feel like it’s my first summer vacation in 10 years! Aside from working out & their piano & hockey lessons, I don’t have anywhere to be at any particular time right now! It’s awesome!

Taylor is very proud of the fact that she has been promoted to first grade! She tells everyone she sees…the grocery helpers, the bug man, the mail man, the kids at the pool … she even told Dave when she saw him. He made her feel super important…it was very sweet. Here she is with her official looking paperwork.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago I was crying at the thought of her being gone to full day Kindergarten and as it was ending I got teary eyed because that special little year was already over! My gratitude to her teachers runs so deep. After all, she spent more waking hours with them than me. I credit them with helping her fall in love with school. Her creativity was stimulated, she made many friends and learned so many things (yes, even bad things, but I learned that I can’t be afraid of that… just have to address it that day, correct it if I can & point my child to Jesus!).

She got picked on. Kids said they “didn’t like her”, that she “didn’t do *whatever* right” and “she wasn’t their friend”. She would come home and sob and cry and it would just rip my heart out. My soft-hearted girl wants to be everyone’s friend. She wants everyone to be happy and feel special. (Where in the world does she get these ideas?) But, she got a little tougher as the year went on, and I heard certain names associated with those incidents less and less. At first I thought she was leaving them alone. And for a while I think she did, but she also found a way to befriend them with some safe distance. And I was very proud.

She also had some kids who really liked her…we found out she was not just the receiver but also the giver of kisses this year…daddy handled that talk. And boy did the hair on the back of his neck stand up. Talk about a deer in headlights! And who would’ve known a 6 year old girl could giggle like that at the mere mention of a boys name?

She loved being at school. I don’t think she ever said she didn’t want to go. In fact, I can tell you that she never wanted to leave early. I would have to kill a half hour after class events just so she could get in line with the kids who rode the bus and went to after school care and have a proper dismissal from the gym when called, rather than have me sign her out and leave early. There was occasion that I was frustrated to have to wait on her when I thought it wasn’t necessary, but I understood what she was doing. It wasn’t a battle worth fighting. I was glad she wanted to be there.

Here are a handful of posts about our first encounter with Kindergarten. I tried to be brave.

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Soon, I will face Kindergarten again with my ‘baby’. And that will be a whole other experience. Different child. Different emotions. I’m gonna need another box of tissues.

But, first things first. Summer…we’ve got some swimmin’ to do, piano, hockey & swim lessons to take, a road trip awaiting, and a whole host of other things remaining to be discovered and blogged about!

~ by hthr on June 7, 2008.

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