hthr will. hockey mom?

There probably isn’t a whole lot of hope for that…but we’re giving it a good ole’ Wills fam try…for experience sake thanks to the Nashville Predators G.O.A.L program! It may turn into the need for therapy for all of us by the end of June. (wait, Lisa…didn’t I say that to you about swimming on Monday?)

So, we girls headed to the locker room to dress out (sounds like gym class, right?). And I had an awesome picture diagram of what pads go where and in what order. I’m telling you what…if it weren’t for that diagram, I would have lost my mind. That, and the girls saying, “I don’t want to play hockey. Why are we here?” which only frustrated me because they were so excited all day, up to the point of realizing that all the stuff in the bag had to be worn by them!

If you think I was super sweet about their attitudes while trying to figure out how to dress them, then you haven’t been reading this blog long enough. I was gritting my teeth going, “you are doing this today. you have to try…” and some other things that reminded me of coaches in movies. Some alligator tears start falling down Tay’s face (I didn’t wipe them though because they were behind her face mask). She threw the gloves down and screamed at me and I was like, “Whatever. you’re doing this. i just spent 45 minutes getting you dressed so i suggest you put that glove back on. Here. Do you want this mouthguard?” I was in the zone and it was noisy in there which is awesome for padding my level of audio-embarrassment. (Just to clarify, because Bdub says it’s sometimes hard to “interpret my tone”…I was not yelling at them! I was just being real sure that they knew they didn’t have an option out because she didn’t like the pants and socks kind of thing!)

So we get out there and they just totally don’t want to go.

Taylor got mad because Avery fell and knocked her down like a domino (before getting on the ice) so she just started undressing right there. They’re both crying…dad’s are looking at these kids with ponytails coming out the back of their helmets and half smiling at me. Probably wondering why in the world I would bring 2 girly girls wearing lip gloss to play hockey … you’d have to know me.

I gotta tell ya…the coaches there were so awesome with the kids. Brought em out there, helped them…were so attentive…and you know what…the girls LOVED it (of course!)

Here is Avery being independent and not listening to instruction. just watching. and probably telling someone what to do.

But, here she is helping Taylor up. It really does make all the earlier stuff kind of fall aside to see them work together. (In case you’re wondering…they didn’t have hockey skates in A’s size so she’s wearing figure skates.)

By the time they got off the ice, they were all smiles, and we of course were too! Someone was nice enough to offer to take this pic of all of us. Come on now, aren’t they adorable? My kids rock.

So I think my days of being a hockey mom are numbered…not much hope for me for the long term, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to give it a few more tries. After all, we bribed them with ice cream. I understand now what all is in those massive bags the kids carry around at the rink! I’m carrying them…times 2! And that, my friends, is why SUV’s are necessary. Maybe instead of family counseling, we’ll only need to go to the chiropractor.


~ by hthr on June 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “hthr will. hockey mom?”

  1. sounds like fun…the end results…not the gearing up! the way sophie likes to watch hockey with daddy all the time and wear her predator jersey (even in the summer) we’ll probably end up trying this in a few years too. you’ll have to write the survival manual for us, so we can breeze right through it.

  2. that is AWESOME! I’m so proud of your girls and of you 🙂 and hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is awesome because you deserve it!

  3. HOW FUN!! Girls RULE! Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!

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