praising God in the mundane

Brian has been begging me to read a book for quite a while. One other than, Dr. Seuss. I went to the Christian bookstore a month or so ago and felt like I was standing in the middle of a tilt-a-whirl at the carnival. All those books. All those resources. I felt like the new kid on the first day of junior high not knowing much of anything about where I was. And honestly, I thought it might take a long while to find something that would hold my attention. What I specifically thought I might be interested in, I couldn’t find. I left with nothing.

But on my bookshelf at home, I rediscovered a book I had bought a couple summers ago and never read. It was the first to catch my eye, because either, it was left in the rain or a cup of something left it completely waved and crumpled. And even a bit moldy in the back. But the introduction alone was enough to hook me. Praise Habit by David Crowder.

It’s about finding and praising God in everyday – ordinary – life.

So this morning, Avery was not feeling very well. It’s been nonstop around here the past few days with end of the school year activities going on. Once Taylor had gone to school this morning, Avery went right back to bed. It was no surprise that she woke up hungry when 10:30 finally rolled around. I gave her a snack and asked her to stay in the kitchen. The kitchen door was open to the deck. Laundry was sorted all over my floor…it was just a beautiful spring day, perfect for being busy around the house. The neighbor must have thought so too…he was working on his sun-room addition. We could hear him hammering every now and then and his radio keeping him company.

When I walked back into the kitchen from getting my coffee cup, Avery was still standing in the same spot I had left her. Let’s just sit down I said. I plunked down on the rug in front of my kitchen sink and she plopped down next to me. We sat there in our pj’s with our knees to our chest staring ahead and talking a little between bites, listening to the birds, and just being quiet together.

“That’s a strange kind of rock & roll” she said to me.

I tuned my ear to the neighbor’s radio and laughed quietly to myself so as not to embarrass her, but yet so heartily I could only just lean my head back against the cabinets as my upper body trembled from laughter.

The neighbor’s music consisted of an accordian, and later a trumpet was added in. I don’t know if it was more mariachi or more italian trio…but her comment caught me completely off guard and her delivery of it was hilarious.

And so, moments later, I stared straight ahead as she continued munching away on her snack. And I found my eyes closed tightly again as they welled up fast and became hot with tears. This time, they were not from laughter but an overwhelming feeling of gratefulness that God entrusted her to us for our time here together. This is the good life.


~ by hthr on May 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “praising God in the mundane”

  1. what, are you trying to make me cry??? How sweet! I enjoyed that glimpse of your day!

  2. Thanks for visiting the other day; it’s nice to meet you. What a beautiful moment you had with your daughter . . . and what a blessing for you to realize the moment as golden.

    I’ll have to check out that book you mentioned.

    God bless.

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