So I’m sure you guessed I have my car back by now

I do (have my car back), but I’m not satisfied with it yet, so as far as I’m concerned It needs more work.  I won’t bother telling you much about it, except to say that in order to explore what’s “unsatisfactory” to me, they have to take the whole dash out [again]. And of course, they don’t want to do that if they don’t have to. Instead, they offered us an estimate for replacement of the compressor (well over 800 dollars!) because it only takes 2 hours to do. I guess the mechanic found my money tree out back while he was on a smoke break. Of course, if the compressor doesn’t fix the problem….they still have to take the dash out. I won’t go into any further details…I’m so over it, but it’s not yet over. ya know? At least I’m driving it again…

I am way behind on blogging. In my mind I am anyway. I’ve considered stopping altogether, but then I’ll be going through my day and think, “OH! I should blog about that!” although I usually forget what it was by the time I get a chance to sit down at the computer…at least I’m paying more attention to whats going on around me and am getting a kick out of most of it.

On Facebook, theres this app called “Compare people” or something and it asks you to vote to compare your friends with yourself or to vote for others. It’s a little junior highish but hey, why not? So whoever is using it made my “prettiest” votes go down. It was all just fine because my “best sense of humor” rating was going up so I figured if my looks fail altogether, at least I can laugh about it. I do think all my honesty in blogging has made my “most enviable” rating fall through the floor though.

Anyway – I had the greatest Mothers Day. My mom & dad came to visit for a few days and we just enjoyed the whole day relaxing at home. And in true form, this Dutch girl requested steaks on the grill. No hesitation there! And both of my favorite grill masters were there to oversee the whole process. Unfortunately for you, this is not a scratch & sniff picture:

My mom and dad wanted to plant flowers with the girls so they had something to tend to and talk to them about on the phone…great idea! So they planted a couple flower boxes which are now on our front porch…

I don’t recall having ever planted flowers, so I sat and paid close attention. Hydrangeas are my personal favorite. Someday I will have a house with a fenced in backyard and have many bushes of them. For now though, it’s enough to try and keep the basil plant on my kitchen windowsill alive….


~ by hthr on May 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “So I’m sure you guessed I have my car back by now”

  1. Hydrangeas are my favorite too!

  2. Glad you had a good mothers day! It doesn’t look like there’s a cast on Avery’s arm…..when did it come off and how did it go?????

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