Dinner’s in the oven and I didn’t have to lift a finger

Well, not today anyway…

Y’all, this post could be life changing for you.

I’ve been wanting to tell you about something I’m doing with a few friends called SUPPER SWAP. A couple months ago my friend Beth mentioned it in conversation and immediately, without invitation, I said, “I WANT to do that. I want to.” And I was in, just like that.

Here is the rundown so you can gather up some friends and do it too. There are four (families) of us who share a ‘style’ of eating, if you will. We are all busy families whose evening hours are precious and few. We try to eat healthy. We have kids who may at times be picky, but we are okay with giving them pb&j if they are.

Usually on Sunday afternoon, Brian and I prepare a dish (x4) and put each in a disposable foil pan or other container, depending on what it is. We have a lot of fun together with that…It might take a couple hours to get a meal prepared. Its one of the few times during the week that we actually have time cut out to talk! So I love it!

Then, on Monday mornings, we girls get together at one of our houses and swap meals. Each of us brings 3 of the dishes we made (one kept for our own family at home) and swaps with each other. The swaps are not big social events…we are in & out in 5-10 minutes. We email each other on Friday with what we are making for the following week so when we grocery shop on the weekend, we can get what we will want to go with the meals that are coming. It pretty much rocks.

The meals are not complete meals…they are the ‘bulk’ of the meal…the main course. In most cases, we need to add a side, a vegetable or a salad, depending on what it is or how each family prefers to eat the extras. They are however, ready to be cooked; either put in the oven, thrown on the grill, or mix and eat…you get the idea.

Some of the dishes we have exchanged have been:

lasagna & other various casseroles
poppyseed chicken & rice
*the most awesome chili in the world* with pasta
bbq pork steak
meatloaf & baked potatoes
oriental chicken salad (kit)
chicken wings/drumsticks & potato dish
chicken pot pie
stuffed shells

Some things that food swap is not: frozen family meals, soup, spaghetti, rotiscerie chicken, hamburgers…stuff you can easily do yourself…

So, go find some friends who like to eat like you do, pick a time every week to swap meals, get together and trade…go home, put them in your fridge, and tomorrow night, take your pick baby! Dinner will be ready….most likely in less than an hour! And quite possibly without having had to touch a thing except the  container going in the oven! Go ahead, pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up!

*sigh* the life of this supper swapper is grandiose. truly. I’d even dare say my marriage is better. no joke. If you don’t believe me, just ask my husband.

One of my biggest stresses & frustrations is meal planning, grocery getting, meal prepping and by then….I just dont even want to eat it anymore. So when I avoid the whole ordeal and get lax on it…(duhn, duhn, DUHNNNNN)…hubby has to take it on, and lately, thats the last thing he wants to think about when he gets home. Although now, he doesn’t have to, at least for 4 nights of the week. The other few, I love for him to fire up the grill

I gotta run…there are stuffed shells ready to come out of my oven. Smells like a little Italian eatery in here…Ciao!


~ by hthr on May 12, 2008.

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