deep cleansing breath. again. and then came Saturday.

Friday was a roller coaster ride for me, which nearly included me being real sick there at the end thanks to pizza guys onions, so Saturday, with Brian away in Kansas City, I was very intentional about just relaxing with the girls. And great minds must think alike, because when I opened my eyes, this is what i saw. Except, it was sideways when I opened my eyes and she said, “Time to wake up mommy, and I have breakfast for you!” really quiet and sweetly.  It was so precious and when I realized I wasn’t just dreaming, I told her to stand there another second because I just had to go grab the camera from the desk:

So we had a little breakfast picnic in bed. They wanted to make me toast but said, “we didnt want to be in trouble for the toaster so we just brought bread instead” Oh my gosh, it was the cutest thing. Once Taylor brought in my plate, she & Avery brought in their own. It was a great way to wake up and we had a sweet, lazy time together in our pj’s. Then we did baths, and hair and nails and i gave myself a facial and we got dressed to go celebrate our friend Lindsey’s graduation from Trevecca Naz Univ earlier that day! (In case you’re wondering, yes, we spent 6 hours doing all of the above plus some reading and playing. We girls know how to hang out!)

I have known Lindsey, her parents, and her sister Erin for almost 10 years. I was her dad’s secretary at our church where he was the youth pastor and we lived a block down the road from each other. Everytime we all passed each others house, we would honk the horn right quick. It probably annoyed the tar out of the neighbors, but always made me smile. Sometimes we’d be inside and wave and say “heyyyy” as they flew by. It was silly but it was our thing.

When Brian & I moved to ‘Nashville’ 2 years ago, I was particularly excited because many of the ‘kids’ from our home church go to Trevecca which is near us and Lindsey was already there. This past year especially, she & I have spent a lot more time together. Sometimes she’ll just drop in for coffee and to talk for a few hours. Those things mean a lot to a greying woman like me who’s still trying to be young and cool. She’s also on speed dial for babysitting and was nice enough to block out every Tuesday night for us for the past few months to care for the kiddo’s in our Financial Peace class.

I can’t believe that she just graduated from college! I remember how excited she was to be a freshman at Manatee High and now…she’s just a few months away from running the show in her own classroom!

Lindsey’s parents, Jerry and Nancy pour themselves into the lives of teens. It’s what they do. They don’t seek attention or applause. And last time I checked, the compensation for being a youth pastor wasn’t all that fabulous. But day in and day out, they live out life with kids. From what I’ve observed, its a gradual build of trust and relationship where they earn the right to speak truth into their souls. And they are good at doing just that.

When we dedicated Taylor, Jerry & Nancy were one of the first of our friends that we asked to stand with us and support us in doing so. They have never failed to be encouraging as well as honest and they have in turn spoke a lot of truth into our lives over the years. We think of each other as family. And thats how great friends like the Gardners should be.

Congratulations Lindsey! We’re so excited to see what God has waiting for you!

~ by hthr on May 5, 2008.

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