in a nutshell

I was going to tell you about my day that started with lots of laughs and ended with the kind of crying that includes hot snot running down my upper lip. (nice huh? hey, it happens)

But my friend LeeAnn called me tonight [on accident when she bumped her phone] and after talking a few minutes, the tears started and she prayed for me right then. And I just felt this release from thinking over my day and all that is going on. So I am not going to relive it via blogging. I will however, show you that my car looks like this down in my garage and although it may not look like much of an ordeal to you, it has been for me.

After LeeAnn prayed with me, the girls told me they were hungry (at 8pm?) so, feeling totally exhausted, I ordered a pizza for delivery and I was very very clear: “NO. RED. ONIONS. I am allergic.” and she repeated it back to me, slowly, as if she were writing it down like it were important or something….and so when my basil/roasted garlic & artichoke/sun dried tomato/feta [sans red onion] pizza arrived WITH RED ONIONS I had a few choice words let loose. And Tay looked at me. “Don’t repeat those words. That was wrong of mommy.” “I know.” she told me shaking her head. She’s much more mature than me sometimes.

When I was a kid, there was this group of Jewish Christian singers that my mom had a cassette tape of. I don’t remember the name of their group, but all I can think of right now is their hoppity little chant of a song that says, “Jehovah Jireh, My Provider. Your grace is sufficient for me (for me, for me!)” Funny how some things still stick with you after 20 years.

I’m going to go to bed now. Hopefully I can sleep off the rest of this onion reaction (because no matter how careful I was, I STILL got a big old bite of one and it set off alarms within me). Tomorrow is a new day, and a happy one, because my friend Lindsey is graduating from college!


~ by hthr on May 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “in a nutshell”

  1. ok so i’m not quite sure what is wrong with your car- im praying its not a wreck and if it is i’m wondering how i am so out of the loop. =) hope everything is alright!

    ps- i started a blog.

  2. What happened to your car?

  3. it’s NOT a wreck! it does kind of look like it though…they had to take the dash out to replace the A/C parts that are leaking. i have never seen so many little pieces…i hope it all goes back without having too many leftover! eek!

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