because I know you’re just dying to know what happened at 5am

I was subconsciously expecting my alarm to go off, so it was no surprise to me when it did, but it was a surprise to Bdub. (I told you, he doesn’t read this stuff). It scared him evidently because he levitated right out of bed and landed somewhere in the shower within about 15 seconds.

So I hear all this going on, and the speed at which he got out of bed was completely shocking to me. I think that actually woke me up more than the annoying alarm. I totally hit snooze, but there were two owls in a tree nearby who were cooing or hooing or whatever you call it and it was really beautiful. And those sweet baby birds outside my window…they were really sing’in this morning.

Now, before you go, “oh, she totally went back to sleep” let me just defend myself by saying that first, if you heard the animal opera going on outside my open windows, you would have too. I could record it and sell it, it was that lovely. Additionally, I was sick yesterday and just feeling tired and yuck from all that.

So, yeah, I dozed back off until Taylor’s alarm woke me up.

Actually, Taylor’s alarm woke Avery up .. and not Taylor. She is so very much my child.

To balance your disappointment in me (which I will attempt to un-do), I give you a pic of the other sleepyhead in our house. She was pony riding at a birthday party this past weekend out at a horse farm. Such a sweet time…


~ by hthr on April 28, 2008.

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