5am could be a nice hour of the day. i think.

I’ve been working out twice a week for about two months. I get up at 5-ish, depending on the night before, jump in the shower to wake up a bit, pull on some clothes & shoes, chug a smoothie or a shake and head out the door.

If it were just going to be me there, I’d totally stay in bed. But I know when my alarm goes off, there are a few other alarms sounding off around town too, and I’d better get my butt moving or else I’ll let someone down. I’ll mess up a rotation. I know that I’ll be the sorry one come bathing suit season. The food I ate this past holiday season did not obey me when I told it where it should go. If it did, I would have a pair of B-cups out in front of me. And I don’t. I’m still shopping alongside 7th grade girls in the kids section.

Moving on….

As awesome as it is and has been to get up and go work out, my sleep schedule and patterns are completely screwed up. Subconsciously, I fear oversleeping. I wake up multiple times in the night to check the clock and be sure my phone wasn’t set to silent and the alarm isn’t just flashing a light instead of screaming at me. If the weatherman reports heavy rain for the next morning, I worry about driving in it (one of my bigger fears ever since hydroplaning off the interstate 10 years ago).

I’m not sleeping well at all now that my routine is changed.

One morning, I’m up at 10 (I have a sweet hubby)

Then, 7. The next, up at 5.

And, 7…thirty. Next, 5….fifteeeeen.

You get the picture.

Being a (former) heavy sleeper; a lover of undisturbed rest until I wake on my own time…I am considering a whole lifestyle change for myself, even beyond that of exercise.

This may shock you. Bdub, you should definitely hold your seat; I am thinking I should start getting up at 5 every morning.

I know….

…just to be up before the sun and then watch the treeline brighten. To start the coffee and shower without having to skip the conditioner for yet another day. I want to listen to the birds chirping outside my window before I’m such a rush that I miss their new song. To have quiet time before my house gets moving. And trust me, it moves around here. I don’t get any quiet in the evening; the house doesn’t quiet down until around 9pm. And by then, I’m exhausted and usually have a headache. Talk about un-quality time. For anything.

My kids need more of my attention when they are getting ready for their day too, and I am guilty of not providing enough of it. This morning I lost my cool when I peeked in on Taylor in the bathroom and instead of brushing her teeth, she was brushing her fingers with her toothbrush. I could scream right now just reliving the sight of it.

I expect that the girls should be able to brush their teeth without help (well, no…not the casted one at the moment). But they should do it the first time they are asked, or better yet, just know to do it and go on to the next thing without being prompted each time. But I need to face it. They’re (just) 5 & 6. And I have expectations set a little high for some things. Granted, when I saw her brushing her fingers, I thought for sure this was primate behavior and it was (to me, of course) completely unreasonable. Of course, everything I do is reasonable, right? [Bri, keep your fingers off the keyboard.]

So, I think I might just give this a shot. It may not work. It may flop by day 3. Day 3 would be this Wednesday, because we’ve already established with the girls that unless someone is bleeding, we are sleeping in tomorrow (that means Brian will be up 2 hours before me, haha). That makes Monday day 1, and Tuesday I’m up anyway and so I see Wednesday will be the day of figuring out if I can hack this or not.

My mom will probably hold me to it. She’s one of like, what 10 people who read my blog? I’m kidding, but only because I’m always completely shocked when i look at my stats and see that people actually do read my blog! I don’t know why you keep coming back for more!? [But I’m glad you do…so leave me a comment, would you? I promise Megan won’t yell at you.]

Of course, I can just see what will happen: It takes like, what, a month to form a new habit and then – whammo – it’s summer vacation from school! We live at the pool, go to bed late, sleep in…yeah, I totally see the writing on the wall here.

oh well, it’s worth a shot. There is little else better, I’m rediscovering, than just having time to be still.


~ by hthr on April 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “5am could be a nice hour of the day. i think.”

  1. I really think you should try this every morning thing. It makes it much easier. I did it in college. MWF I was up at 5 and in the fitness center by 5:20. Saved by the Bell started at 5:30, so being late was not an option. T and R I had a 7am class. So those mornings I was up around 5:30 anyways. I am NOT a morning person, which is what led to the 5am gym visit to begin with. I could not get up on time T&R mornings when I slept in on MWF. So I just got up early those mornings also and actually started making it to class on time.

  2. Heather, you’re so inspiring. I have always wished I could get up early and exercise and have devotions before the rest of the house. However, everytime I have tried….. ALL of my children are awake within 5 minutes even if I hold my breath and don’t even leave my bedroom. they just seem to sense it. And so it becomes a punishment for the rest of the day instead of a blessing. but…. I am hoping there comes a day when I can successfully do it without waking them up. Maybe I need to lose a little weight so I am lighter on my feet????? haha. anyways, I have emailed you a few times and haven’t heard back. I know you’re busy but I also thought maybe my email was caught in your spam folder or something since you usually are real good about writing back. I’d love to talk to you.

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