Vacation: Yes, even eyeballs get sunburned

Don’t worry, there aren’t any pictures of me in my swimsuit. You can proceed without caution.

The second day in Florida we were off to the beach first thing. (Or, after I’d consumed some coffee and halfway woken up anyway which meant something like the 10-11am range.) I had asked mom & dad to take us to Siesta Key, which is ranked as the finest, whitest sand beach in the world only 20 minutes or so from their house. The dry sand is as close to walking on baking flour as you’ll ever come. Absolutely amazing.

Lets just say, it was so much fun, and such a beautiful day … that we forgot sunblock even existed. You’d think having grown up primarily in Florida that I would have sense about these things, but as I try to explain time & time again…we rarely went to the beach and when we lived there we were so busy with life responsibilities (3 jobs? Florida is expensive? What?) that we never got out there. All that to say, I then looked like a tourist (minus the fanny pack) based on the ridiculous shade of pink (red? magenta?) that we all turned (except my dad, because he’s smart like that) because we’d worn no sunblock. Burn baby burn. That’s what happened.

My dad taught the girls to pack sand and make a sand castle, which later turned into a small village!

So we spent Saturday inside because sunburn hurrrrts, but it was okay because we were all just relaxing anyway (if relaxing is the same as hourly vinegar compresses, aloe rub downs & not touching the back of the couch or wearing shirts with shoulder seams). Mom & I were getting a few things ready for Avery’s birthday party with our family on Sunday. The girls however were completely miserable. Within themselves. And well, to everyone else. There was a whole lot of carryin on go’in on. You can’t really tell by the picture posted below though.

We went up to the flea market after while and bought some strawberries and shells at the same place I would go to with my grandparents 20 years ago. Except, they were a lot more expensive this time around. My word. I love this picture: 5 points on the starfish and she was about to celebrate her 5th birthday! We came home with many little treasures from this store to remind us of our trip to the beach (where we only found 2 itty bitty shells!) but had lots of fun none the less.

~ by hthr on April 12, 2008.

One Response to “Vacation: Yes, even eyeballs get sunburned”

  1. I love your blog. Your girls are looking great and I am jealous of your vacation!

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